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Harvesting human body heat in Sweden

Article: Harvesting human body heat in Sweden

Ever noticed how warm it gets when you’re in a closed-in space with a lot of people? Yeah, could be anxiety from claustrophobia… but, more likely, you’re noticing how much heat our bodies give off in the course of normal events. It turns out that heat can be harvested with century-old technology… and create significant energy savings.

Green tech finds (1/27/11)

Article: Green tech finds (1/27/11)

Electric scooters, drainwater heat recovery, and 313 mph… this week’s green tech finds.

80% by 2035: Hard to think of any bigger news this week than President Obama’s call for massive investment in clean energy technology… with a goal of 80% of the US’ energy coming from “clean” sources by 2035. SustainableBusiness.com has some reactions to the POTUS’ declaration of a “Sputnik moment.”
Green foundry jobs come to Michigan: The small town of Eaton Rapids will be home to a new foundry that will produce castings for wind turbines. (via MLive)

Old Faithful: Durability as a Green Philosophy

Article: Old Faithful: Durability as a Green Philosophy

Yesterday, we mentioned [www.sundance.tv] the idea that longevity (and the requisite durability that usually comes with it) is an important (and sometimes easy to overlook) facet of being “green,” using Porsche’s claim that 60% of the vehicles they’ve ever built are still on the road. A nice stat, for sure, but let’s be realistic: we…