Is it time to stop dumping on "Dumpuary?"

Article: Is it time to stop dumping on "Dumpuary?"

We all know now’s not the best time of year to go to the movies. Over at Grantland.com, Robert Mays dubs the months of January and February “Dumpuary,” a fitting name for a season that has become known as Hollywood’s dumping ground for its most hopeless projects. In his piece, Mays spends an entire Dumpuary weekend at the biggest multiplex in Los Angeles, watching every single movie at the theater in an apparent attempt to kill himself. Somehow he survived, even through a bowel-clenchingly terrifying double feature of Katherine Heigl and talking chipmunks. To borrow the title of a particularly unpromising Dumpuary release (the words Dumpuary and release just go together so well, don’t they?), it’s enough to make a man go out on a ledge.