Harvey Milk

Legalizing The Gays

Article: Legalizing The Gays

A lot of people think the end of the world is something that will happen abruptly when no one’s expecting it, like a great flood (Katrina), or massive earthquake (there’s a big one yearly—Haiti, Virginia all the way up the east coast—but who’s counting) or even an alien race intent on genocide before plunging the planet’s natural resources. But good social conservatives, and the occasional homophobe, have been seeing the warning signs for decades. Slowly but surely equal rights have been granted to homosexuals in America. Can you believe it? They want to be like everyone else. Here are a few highlights from the past that make this eschatological theory plausible.

Naked News: DADT! DADT! DADT! Also, Chloe Sevigny took off her pants

Article: Naked News: DADT! DADT! DADT! Also, Chloe Sevigny took off her pants

OMG DADT!!! Senate repeals the ban on gays serving openly in the military. About fucking time.
New online-dating detectives can help you sort the Mr./Ms. Rights from the Mr./Ms. Convicted Felons, just in case your crim-dar is not working.

Harvey Milk Men

Article: Harvey Milk Men

I have no problem self-promoting. Most good bloggers are masters at it. Why else would you blog? So it is with no shame I ask you, SUNfiltered readers, for money. Well, sorta.

The New York City AIDS Walk is next week and I just have to tell you how happy I am to be walking with the Harvey Milk Men. The group was put together by Stephen Rivoli who was inspired by Harvey Milk’s call for gays and lesbians to stand up, take ownership of, and make an impact in, their community. This year, the 25th anniversary of AIDS Walk New York, we currently have 92 members and have raised over $62,000. Not too shabby.

Somewhere over the rainbow

Article: Somewhere over the rainbow

Rainbow flags are flying high this month, not only on this blog, but also in cities across the world. Gwendolyn Horton over at Design Notes, my former home, explains the origin and design of the striped symbol of freedom.