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Green tech finds, 9/1/11

Article: Green tech finds, 9/1/11

Lots of building tech this week, from shipping container “farms” to a net-zero rehab to a “living building” in Seattle.

Shipping containers as mini farms?: Is there anything you can’t do with used shipping containers? Atlanta-based PodPonics turns them into small hydroponic “farms” for growing food near the point of sale. (via Triplepundit)

Solar collector by day, light display by night: Move over, Jumbotron! Industrial designer Meidad Marzan‘s Urban Tiles concept combines solar panels and OLED panels that can be installed on the outside of buildings in an array, and which “flip” to shift from solar collector to advertising display, big screen television, or even a massive artistic canvas. (via Inhabitat)

Goodbye DADT

Article: Goodbye DADT

Politically this was an up and down year for gays and lesbians. We lost many allies’ seats in congress. And Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell was defeated twice. But then something amazing happened. Harry Reid, Susan Collins, and Joe Lieberman pushed through DADT repeal in the Senate. Pelosi lead the house to the passage of a…