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The Power of Failure

Article: The Power of Failure

This episode starts on a low note. The grades are posted from the students’ first test – and almost everyone’s failed.

A moment later, Ellie says, “People said I was stupid… I started believing it. I started becoming it.”

In Episode One, almost every kid in the school said they didn’t study or that they didn’t care – in effect striving for failure… to be the person that they think everyone thinks they are.

They were reaffirming themselves as stereotypical dropouts. Ironic as Soledad O’Brien, their teacher this week, immediately digs into the question of, what do people assume about you when they look at you? And then she asks, “who are you really?” – and the answers are diametrically different from the previous ones.

Weekly movie trailer roundup: Harry Potter's not over yet

Article: Weekly movie trailer roundup: Harry Potter's not over yet

Because the books are so beloved, the movies so successful and the fans still reeling in post-Potter malaise, Warner Bros. is releasing one final (and this is really it guys, for real, I swear) look back with the real behind-the-scenes story, the true making-of, the 48-minute documentary only available on the DVD purchased at Target, WHEN HARRY LEFT HOGWARTS.

What's next for the stars of HARRY POTTER?

Article: What's next for the stars of HARRY POTTER?

It’s been a couple of days since I saw the latest Harry Potter movie, the one with a title so long I’m even more tired of typing it than I am of trying to figure out what the hell it even means (Deathly Hallows? I know it refers to the three brothers who made wishes and got stuff, but if we’re using hallow as a noun here it means “a saint or holy person.” So how are the brothers holy, and if they are, how are they deathly holy? And what other names in the series sound good but make no sense?) Anyhow, I keep seeing the various HARRY POTTER stars pop up on TV and make unexpected appearances in trailers for movies that are not HARRY POTTER. Earlier this week a very energetic and refreshingly down-to-earth Daniel Radcliffe was on “The Daily Show with John Stewart,” promoting his current gig as the star of the Broadway show “How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying” (in which he sings and dances and talks with an American accent). Tom Felton, who plays Harry’s nemesis, Draco Malfoy, showed up in the trailer for RISE OF PLANET OF THE APES, which ran, coincidentally, before HARRY POTTER.

Train to Hogwarts spotted in Union Square

Article: Train to Hogwarts spotted in Union Square

Recently NYC straphangers spotted this apropos update to our subway service which you can catch from Union Square: the magical 9 3/4 train to Hogwarts. Before you run into the wall for the 9 3/4, let me know first so I can film you…running straight into a wall.

JK Rowling letterhead

Article: JK Rowling letterhead

I kinda love JK Rowling’s whimsical letterhead.