Hair is growing back on Broadway

Article: Hair is growing back on Broadway

The classic anti-war hippie musical of the 1960s, Hair, won’t stop growing! After a Central Park revival scored three years ago, it moved to Broadway and won a Tony award, and now it’s back there again in the same production, but with some new cast members and fresh energy.

I just called the show’s legendary cowriter, James Rado, to untangle exactly what’s going on here and throw some conditioner on it.

Me: Hi, James. Is the show’s anti-war message still relevant?

Rado: Very intensely. People want to think about other things in our mutli-faceted culture that offers so many distractions, but this thing of war still hangs over us. It plays to that part of our consciousness.

Should you shave your legs?

Article: Should you shave your legs?

We’re in the deep, dead of winter, buried beneath feet and feet of snow — unless you’re one of those lucky bitches who can go on vacation in the Caribbean every February, your legs haven’t seen the light of day in months. To the horror of some but the understanding of many, female leg hair…

.357 Magnum hair dryer

Article: .357 Magnum hair dryer

I’m “blown away” by this working vintage novelty hair dryer modeled on a 357 Magnum pistol that is available for sale on Etsy. I don’t suggest you try to carry this on the plane with you. [Hat tip: Annie]

Donated hair for the oil spill cleanup? It may not get used…

Article: Donated hair for the oil spill cleanup? It may not get used…

Looking for an opportunity to contribute to cleanup efforts for the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico? The opportunity may be as close as your barber or stylist’s chair, or your pet groomer’s table. Non-profit organization Matter of Trust has done a tremendous job coordinating human and animal hair collection efforts for use in booms and mats that could help with soaking up spilled oil.

Don't judge my hair

Article: Don't judge my hair

These user submitted photos of various unique, bold, and non-conformist hair styles are the “mane attraction” of the website “Don’t Judge My Hair.” Sis, if you submit photos of me from my elementary through junior high school days, I will cut you. Seriously. [Via]