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Oil Spill Condoms: Doing it for the environment

Article: Oil Spill Condoms: Doing it for the environment

Okay, we know that the oil spill is BP’s problem, but that doesn’t entirely explain why so few people are eager to help out with the relief effort. It may not be the sexiest of world disasters, but a disaster it is. So here’s one way to help out: 20% of all proceeds from Oil Spill Condoms will be donated to help rebuild the Gulf Coast, via the Gulf Coast Oil Spill Fund. Oil Spill Condoms’ goal is to raise $50,000. And yes, in case you were wondering, the condoms are black. And lubricated. (The site is rife with cringe-worthy puns on everything from spilling to drilling. Let’s just leave it at that.) You can actually use the condoms, too, unlike so many novelty condoms: These ones are the FDA-approved Lifestyles Tuxedo brand.

Un F–k The Gulf

Article: Un F–k The Gulf

Oil Spill Charity “F-Bomb-A-Thon” from UnF– on Vimeo. This hilarious website, t-shirt, and non-profit, called Un F–k The Gulf, has me giggling. Which is a hard thing to do when thinking about the Gulf oil spill. Using humor, and the F-bomb, with dramatic effect and with electric results the campaign’s aim is get people mad…

The music of the Gulf oil spill

Article: The music of the Gulf oil spill

Last week, Lafayette, Louisiana crawfisherman Drew Landry brought a meeting of the White House oil spill commission to awed silence as he sang a song he’d written about the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, and the economic environment in Southern Louisiana. Landry’s become a bit of an internet sensation… watch the video above, and you’ll see why — but he’s just one of numerous musicians that have tried to encapsulate the Gulf tragedy in song.