Best of Kickstarter, 11/14

Article: Best of Kickstarter, 11/14

We scoured the pages of Kickstarter to bring you this week’s best projects. Have a great Kickstarter project of your own or see one you think deserves some extra attention? Let us know about it the comments and we may just feature it in our weekly roundup.


“Plaster of Paradise”: One of my all-time favorite books, “I’m With the Band,” a groupie memoir authored by the legendary Pamela Desbarres, contains frequent mention of Cynthia Plaster-Caster. Cynthia, a fellow groupie, infamously cast rock stars’ private parts in plaster to be immortalized for all time. Now, she’s taken to Kickstarter to fund her memoir. The only bummer is that book stores will have to close forever after this thing hits shelves, because no book will ever be as awesome…

Star 1973

Article: Star 1973

In 1973 the magazine Star launched. Star covered LA’s groupie scene. After five issues in five months the magazine ceased publication. It was gone forever.

In 2011 Ryan Richardson tracked down the original issues. He paid handsomely for them and then put their entire contents online for viewing. He’s a historian; he’s a collector.