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THE GREEN Meeting #1 Recap

Article: THE GREEN Meeting #1 Recap

We held our first GREEN Meeting with Simran Sethi in Second Life this past Tuesday night. It was a huge success and we maxed out the number of people we can have on Sundance Channel Island at one time. A thoughtful live Q&A session took place between Simran and the audience in attendance with questions…

The Green Online Webisode #2 with Simran Sethi

Article: The Green Online Webisode #2 with Simran Sethi

Watch Simran’s Webisode Host of THE GREEN Online, Simran Sethi discusses McDonough’s revolutionary “Cradle to Cradle” design concept in this week’s webisode: So as Simran asks, “Is this a fantasy or a useful way to re-think how we consume?” We’re interested in your answers and solutions. Join the discussion and give us your two cents…