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New Planters green energy Peanutmobile

Article: New Planters green energy Peanutmobile

The new Nut Mobile The newly retired Nut Mobile If, like me, you had an Oscar Meyer wienie whistle as a kid and, like me, you freaked out on those rare and magical occasions when you actually saw the Wienermobile drive through your town, then you’ll be just as excited as I was to find…

Italy steps out of the dark ages of energy

Article: Italy steps out of the dark ages of energy

Photo by Dave Yoder for NYT
In THE AMERICAN, George Clooney’s character hides away in an Italian village so remote that the only means of recreation are the church and the whorehouse, and the nearest public phone is a half-day’s drive away. The town, located in the Abruzzo province, could double for Tocco da Casauria, one of Italy’s oldest towns as well as the site of its latest advancements in renewable energy.

Buy Green Electricity

Article: Buy Green Electricity

Right now there are a number of government incentives for green energy power plant companies. These programs are designed to level the playing field between green energy companies and dirty companies such as coal, oil and nuclear energy companies. The Obama administration wants to increase the funding to these programs because they believe green energy…