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Michel Gondry's "My New New York Diary"

Article: Michel Gondry's "My New New York Diary"

A page from Doucet’s 1999 ‘My New York Diary’
In 1999, graphic artist extraordinaire (with quite possibly the coolest website intro page ever), Julie Doucet, published My New York Diary, the illustrated story of her spontaneous move from Canada to New York City. Like all of her work, it’s candid, funny and completely engrossing, and it earned her a devoted fan base that includes director Michel Gondry. But just being a fan wasn’t enough for Gondry, who recently collaborated with Doucet on My New New York Story: A Film Book. What was originally supposed to be a short film directed by Gondry and starring Doucet and her drawings – which would be animated later by Gondry to make the setting – turned into a book/DVD companion piece about the process of making the film itself.

Neil Young's GREENDALE comes to print

Article: Neil Young's GREENDALE comes to print

Iconic rocker Neil Young wasted no time in crafting a response to the launch of the war in Iraq, and the larger political and cultural forces he saw motivating it: the concept album Greendale came out in August, 2003, a mere six months after the first attacks were launched. Since then, Young has recrafted the story of Sun Green and her family into a live rock opera, a film (which he directed under the pseudonym Bernard Shakey), and, of course, a website (though, as you might expect, not the usual promotional site).