Grace Jones

Pee-wee's back

Article: Pee-wee's back

Paul Reubens, he of public masturbatory fame, is reviving the character that made him world famous: Pee-wee Herman. Herman started out as a crude stand-up act and then became a popular children’s TV show and a feature film directed by Tim Burton. Beginning in November, Pee-wee will be performing live at the Fonda Theater in Hollywood. And yes, Chairry, Pterri the pterodactyl and Miss Yvonne will be present. Maybe a trip to LA is in order?

Grace Jones – a mad hatter

Article: Grace Jones – a mad hatter

Gay icon and scary woman Grace Jones is on tour. Relics of the 1980s continue to tour – look at Depeche Mode and the Pet Shop Boys – but I am especially excited about Ms. Jones coming to town. The onetime fashion model turned Warhol muse turned chanteuse has remained remarkably youthful in appearance over…