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Josh Dorfman speaks about Season 2 of THE LAZY ENVIRONMENTALIST

Article: Josh Dorfman speaks about Season 2 of THE LAZY ENVIRONMENTALIST

Josh Dorfman gives advice to professional martial arts athlete Jason Moontasri in Season 2 of THE LAZY ENVIRONMENTALIST

Season 2 of THE LAZY ENVIRONMENTALIST premieres Tuesday, April 20 at 8PM E/P.

Over the next couple of months, I plan to share some thoughts here based on the upcoming season of “The Lazy Environmentalist.” In many ways, Season 2 has enabled me to bring to fruition the goals I’d set seven years ago when I founded Vivavi, a modern design, green products retail company, to rebrand environmentalism as appealing and attractive. To do so you’ve got to have outstanding green solutions. You’ve also got to be able to frame those choices in ways that get environmental skeptics — and the otherwise apathetic or indifferent — excited about them.

To achieve the former you’ve got to know where to look and you’ve got to count on green entrepreneurs to constantly improve their products and services to the point where they pass my green litmus test: would people want them even if the products and services weren’t green. To achieve the latter, I’ve had to do a lot of reflection about what really makes people tick and what gets them excited — or at least somewhat enthusiastic — about embracing new choices. In other words, I’ve had to a lot of thinking about how to present green choices so that people perceive them to be in their own self-interest. It’s not my environmental values that I’m trying to impose on others. Instead, it’s getting them to see that their own self-interest is best served by the best green options available today.

Wal-Mart Greens Their Supply Chain

Article: Wal-Mart Greens Their Supply Chain

Wal-Mart is an enormous chain of stores that allows a person to buy virtually anything under the sun at low prices. It is no wonder that this position in the American marketplace gives Wal-Mart a tremendous ability to influence the manufacturers of their products. Wal-Mart has started to use the quantity of products that they…

This Week on THE GREEN

Article: This Week on THE GREEN

BIG IDEAS FOR A SMALL PLANET: CITIES Over half of the world’s population lives in cities these days, which is why BIG IDEAS explores a few issues and businesses that operate out of the city. This week’s episode of BIG IDEAS includes some interesting personalities and projects that focus around environmentalism in cities. Here is…

Can Going Green Reduce Terrorism?

Article: Can Going Green Reduce Terrorism?

Today marks a very sad event in American history. Many lost lives and heroic sacrifices are being remembered across America. The sacredness of life and the enduring human spirit are a big part of today’s memorial events. The need to honor the noble people lost on this fateful day is as much a remembrance of…

Designer Spotlight: Hase Weiss

Article: Designer Spotlight: Hase Weiss

Kids furniture is one of those things where going green really makes sense; you want the best for your child, and you want you kids to be healthy, right? You never know what kids are going to get their hands on, or what they’ll put in their mouths and chew on, so it follows that…

So You're Married…What Now? Tips for Starting a Life Together

Article: So You're Married…What Now? Tips for Starting a Life Together

Okay, in keeping with the theme of the week, let’s say your newly (greenly) married and settling in to a life of domestic bliss. Aside from figuring out which side of the bed is yours and which toothbrush is yours, what comes next? And how can you keep it green? TreeHugger has some ideas… 1)…

Good "Green" Drinks

Article: Good "Green" Drinks

TreeHugger thinks that green coffee [www.sundance.tv] is a great way to start your day, but after a long day of hugging trees and spreading the good word about green goodness, we’re usually ready for something a little stronger. Thankfully, there are an increasing number of options, offering increasing quality, for us to pick from when…