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The Review Revue: CONTRABAND

Article: The Review Revue: CONTRABAND

In “The Review Revue,” we turn dozens of movie reviews from all over the Internet into one handy blog post. It’s like super-concentrated orange juice for film criticism (with less pulp and Vitamin D). This week: we steal some critical perspective on CONTRABAND.

2012′s surprisingly strong start at the box office continued last weekend with CONTRABAND, which earned — or, I guess in this case, counterfeited — an estimated $28.8 million from Friday to Monday, making it one of star Mark Wahlberg’s strongest openings ever. But did CONTRABAND deserve that massive monetary haul? Or did it rip off its customers the way Wahlberg’s character rips off a priceless Jackson Pollock painting? (More on that later.) Let’s find out.

Beck's Record Club

Article: Beck's Record Club

Record Club: Velvet Underground & Nico “I’ll Be Your Mirror” from Beck Hansen on Vimeo. Beck’s latest musical experiment involves a group of musicians, a recording studio and a single day in which to record a cover of an entire album. Their most recent undertaking is The Velvet Underground & Nico’s self-titled album (that’s the…