The Internet's Super Bowl preview

Article: The Internet's Super Bowl preview

The country can be divided this week into those who care about the Super Bowl and those that don’t. I unfortunately fall into the former category in a big way as my favorite team somehow did its part to find itself one of two teams standing at the end of the season. Unfortunate because I’m so freaking nervous for this game, especially since I’m in unfriendly territory as a Patriots fan (Go Pats!) in NYC . Thankfully the Internet, as it always does, has been providing some levity leading into this weekend to help calm my nerves.

Tom Brady (or as some readers might know him better as: Gisele BĂĽndchen’s husband) has a doppelgänger. No word yet on whether the doppelgänger has also has a Gisele lookalike wife.

Matthew Broderick explains a bit about his Ferris Bueller teaser that only just ended up being a Super Bowl ad and in the process broke our hearts about a possible sequel. Then again maybe a sequel isn’t a good thing after all after seeing how the actual ad depicts a free-spirited Ferris growing up to just be yet another office worker serving the The Man. Yikes, depressing stuff.