Georges Melies

Go behind the scenes, and into the art, for Air's PAINTED LOVE

Article: Go behind the scenes, and into the art, for Air's PAINTED LOVE

There probably isn’t any contemporary pop act as intrinsically tied to the cinema and the French electronic duo Air. From their collaboration with Sophia Coppola on THE VIRGIN SUICIDES to their recent reimagining of the 1902 Georges Méliès classic LE VOYAGES DANS LE LUNE , they’ve challenged the constraints of the movie soundtrack. Now they’ve teamed up with Cartier and the NYC-based directors collective Waverly for the short film PAINTED LOVE.

The Cinemagicians: Kentridge and Melies

Article: The Cinemagicians: Kentridge and Melies

I caught up with the shows at the MOMA last weekend, including the William Kentridge exhibit. A show that grapples with heavy subjects like apartheid and colonialism, Kentridge’s animated charcoal drawings get smudged, erased, and redrawn to tell stories about characters that are often heavy, egotistical and morally adrift. Kentridge said, “I am interested in a political art, that is to say an art of ambiguity, contradiction, uncompleted gestures and uncertain endings. An art in which optimism is kept in check and nihilism at bay.” My favorite part of the exhibit however was where the weighty politics of the stories disappeared and Kentridge does seem to let loose with a cinematic fun that is both surprising and welcome…