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Emphasizing the First Syllable in Dictator

Article: Emphasizing the First Syllable in Dictator

In a twisted way, it’s nice to know that America isn’t the only country filled with delusional bigots who find it necessary to pick on a minority group as a means of reaffirming their position in society. The President of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, declared it was “better to be a dictator than gay.” In terms of comebacks, this schoolyard defense is known as the “straight flush.” But he’s not the only president, or presidential hopeful, to toss the G word around as a blanket response to political critique. Check out some of the more memorable quotes in the recent past from more familiar names.

End of an Era: Now What?

Article: End of an Era: Now What?

Transitioning from a President George W. Bush to President Barack Obama is going to be a huge deal for this country, but Bush is still in office for another two-and-a-half months. In the meantime, we all have the opportunity to practice our ability to transition from chaos and fear to peace-of-mind by taking the proper…

Bush, Cheney Ruin One Last Election (for McCain)

Article: Bush, Cheney Ruin One Last Election (for McCain)

As we enter the final 24 hours before finding out who will inherit the cataclysmic mess they left behind, let us pause to reflect on the two men that have so significantly shaped the electorate and, indeed, the country as a whole: George W. Bush and Dick Cheney. First, we must find George W. Bush…

Palin 2012

Article: Palin 2012

After Nov. 4, whether John McCain wins or loses, the Republican party is going to go into the next room, close the door and give itself a good talking to []. Party apparatchiks, conservative leaders, activists and think-tank know-it-alls alike will gather and determine “whither conservatism?” and “who gets to drive?” George W. Bush slinks…

Evangelical Christians for Obama

Article: Evangelical Christians for Obama

A new pro-Obama ads to come from an organization outside of the campaign reads on a white and blue flyer: For I was hungry, and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty, and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger, and you invited me in, I needed clothes and you…

Al Qaeda Wants to Party with McCain

Article: Al Qaeda Wants to Party with McCain

One of the more annoying myths in the Republican lexicon was the claim that “al Qaeda wants the Democrats to win so they’ll surrender.” The meme first showed up in the 2002 mid-term election and peaked in 2004 with the bin Laden “October Surprise” video, before being met with diminishing returns in 2006. At its…

McCain and the Media: A Tragic Love Story

Article: McCain and the Media: A Tragic Love Story

In the beginning, it was beautiful, as all young love is. He was the dashing fighter pilot and war hero turned Senator; they were the belles of the DC ball, the coquettish and pretty national media. John McCain swept them off their feet with his mavericky ways and unfettered access. Nothing else made the press…

Getting the Picture

Article: Getting the Picture

The growing role of the evangelical right in the American political landscape has raised many questions from the rest of us. A culture, faith and politic that are at great odds with much of the majority have risen to power and entered the mainstream in recent years, as depicted most profoundly by the two-term presidency…

When the Funny Runs Out

Article: When the Funny Runs Out

I am addicted to the Couric-Palin interviews. It’s an itch that I am ashamed to scratch, but I do anyway, and more than once daily. And the worst part is that I know I am not watching for the right reasons. I do not repeatedly press play at out of journalistic inquiry or because…

Bush Asks Congress for $770 Million in Emergency Food Aid

Article: Bush Asks Congress for $770 Million in Emergency Food Aid

WASHINGTON, DC, May 2, 2008 (ENS) – On Tuesday the United Nations Executive Board called for donations of $775 million in emergency funds to feed the 100 million of hungry people worldwide who are victims of skyrocketing food prices. On Thursday, President George W. Bush asked Congress to approve nearly that same amount to support…