George Michael

George Michael covers New Order

Article: George Michael covers New Order

The above video is George Michael‘s odd yet infectious new single. It is a cover of the classic New Order techno-pop gem “True Faith,” a song released in 1987. “True Faith’s” always been my favorite New Order song. It’s aged well and it’s lyrics are dark and moody. The song in my eyes always summed up what it was like being gay as a kid. New Order’s video for the song was modern and Bauhaus inspired. It fused primary colored cartoon characters with ballet. The characters fought one another too.

Still Faithful

Article: Still Faithful

I really have my sister Angie to blame for my homosexuality. Maybe not entirely. But I am sure she had a hand in it. Because the year was 1987 and she was a George Michael die-hard. She made me, and our entire house, dance to Michael’s album Faith. Looking back through time it’s obvious that Michael and I were nelly, nelly queens in 1987. But that was a different time. And a different place. And the world’s most famous homosexual was actually a straight sex symbol.

George Michael comes clean about being anything but

Article: George Michael comes clean about being anything but

George Michael is a troubled soul and a talented musician. Unlike many artists in the same boat though, Michael does not hide his demons. He once famously made a song and video lampooning his taste for public sex and his arrest cruising public restrooms (see the video and song “Outside”). And he remains in the…