SEDUCE ME gets queer

Article: SEDUCE ME gets queer


Crossing an iconic actress, who has always fallen far outside the Hollywood norm, with the concept of animal mating habits sounds like tricky business. But like most genius things in this world, on paper they may first seem strange. Unimaginable. Downright odd.

And that was what I thought when I first heard of GREEN PORNO, Isabella Rossellini’s opus of animal sex shorts. Since renamed SEDUCE ME, a much more PG choice, nothing has changed. It is still a wonderful and educational trip into biology as art. Rossellini deadpans as a spider or a deer and even tackles Noah and his arc in the new season, premiering today. And while I adore the simplicity of the paper costumes and sets and laugh at Isabella’s spot-on acting (not too serious, but serious enough for, you know, a biology lesson), there is one thing I am super excited about in this season: it got really queer!

BUTT Relaunches

Article: BUTT Relaunches

Jop and Gert, the dynamic duo behind BUTT, the high-art/lowbrow magazine, are at it again. BUTT’s relaunched and it’s looking pretty rad. I especially love their Fag Maps. Yes, you read that correctly, FAG MAPS, an interactive map to various cities highlighting BUTT reporter’s favorite hangouts. According to those guys “starting today, this fabulous community…

Coming Out With SNL

Article: Coming Out With SNL

I could get all serious and talk about the recent gay suicides or NY Governor candidate Carl Paladino’s rant about gays. I could lament our loss earlier this year regarding Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell (or celebrate yesterday’s victory). But instead, in honor of this past Monday, National Coming Out Day, I will just let you…

Lady Gaga asks for the repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell

Article: Lady Gaga asks for the repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell

In the clip, Gaga addresses several senators by name — including Republicans John McCain, Kentucky’s Mitch McConnell and Oklahoma’s James Inhofe — and asks them to vote in favor of the Defense Authorization Bill, which includes language that would repeal “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.” She says: “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” is a law that was…

A sad day for the gays

Article: A sad day for the gays

If you look at my Facebook account you’d think that the recession never hit us gays. One glimpse at my newsfeed and you’ll find many a fairy gallivanting around the globe like peacocks with charge cards and speedos. One good thing about being gay: no children to feed during harsh economic times. But then, this…

Gay Pride:  things we Love Love

Article: Gay Pride: things we Love Love

To celebrate Gay Pride all month this June, we’ve assembled a great collection of films, documentaries and series that celebrate the diversity that makes our world a better place.  We call it LOVE LOVE – and we hope you have as much fun celebrating love in all its forms, shapes and colors as we do.…

Reply To This Post

Article: Reply To This Post

Gay men will find sex anywhere. Just look the saunas and bathhouses across the world. Remember the celebrities, and politicians, caught in public urinals. And think of the myriad of sex sites out there on the internet. We don’t all cruise for sex. But I’m betting a huge percentage of us does. Craigslist has always…

Fabulis videos

Article: Fabulis videos

As someone who is a shameless self-promoter I have no issue whatsoever in showing SUNfiltered readers the videos I have been collecting over at my day job. I recently became Creative Director of a soon-to-launch gay networking site, fabulis. In the months ramping up to the launch we asked gay men across the country to make videos asking “what makes you fabulis?” What started as simple exercise has turned into a remarkable collection.

21 years later: Erasure's The Innocents

Article: 21 years later: Erasure's The Innocents

The duo of Andy Bell and Vince Clarke have been making techno-pop for decades now. Formed in the mid-80s after Clarke’s successful turns in both Depeche Mode and Yaz, Erasure never quite got the respect they deserved. Which is odd for a band that has scored multi-platinum albums on both sides of the Atlantic.

How to butch up your gay son this Halloween

Article: How to butch up your gay son this Halloween

How To Find A Masculine Halloween Costume For Your Effeminate Son The Onion is rather hit-or-miss these days. But the above video really made me laugh. And as a gay guy, who was once an effeminate little boy, it also resonated. All over this great land of ours on Saturday night moms and dads will…

Vanity Smurf and other queer cartoons

Article: Vanity Smurf and other queer cartoons

As a child of the 80s I was obsessed with three things: Cyndi Lauper, Madonna, and Vanity Smurf. Um, yeah. You do the math.

Out Magazine has listed the The Gayest Cartoon Characters of all time. And, yes, Vanity Smurf is represented on the list.

Absolutly no label

Article: Absolutly no label

Absolut has never been a stranger to courting gay dollars. The Swedish vodka maker featured Keith Haring in ads in 1981 long before marketing teams saw dollar signs at Gay Pride rallies. I don’t care for the stuff (strictly a Ketle One drinker here), but I have always admired their ad campaigns and attitude. Very,…

Steak house or gay bar?

Article: Steak house or gay bar?

JRs? Social House? The Dug Out? Do these fine establishments sound like your local gay bar? Or your neighborhood steak house? Hmm. Since you’re only one day into the week and already cruising blogs rather than focusing on your work, I suggest this site as a way to spend (waste) your time. It lists the…

Bear love: Grizzly Bear fan animates new video

Article: Bear love: Grizzly Bear fan animates new video

Two Weeks – Grizzly Bear from Gabe Askew on Vimeo. The gay indie rock band Grizzly Bear are darlings of the press and members of Radiohead consider them the best band in the world. While not your typical gay music, the band’s songs are layered and melodic and float in beautiful ways. It’s complex pop-rock…

Iconic gay film roles: After Elton's list

Article: Iconic gay film roles: After Elton's list

Since Sundance Channel shows so many GLBT-themed films, I’d be remiss to not point out After Elton’s recent list of iconic gay movie roles. They based their inclusions on cultural significance and cultural impact, spotlighting “10 performances that we believe changed the popular perception of gay men in some important ways.” The list is thorough…

Bat/Boy love

Article: Bat/Boy love

Thanks to the folks over at World of Wonder we finally have proof of what most gays have presumed for years. Now if only someone somewhere would make this movie.

G.I. Joe characters brought out of the closet

Article: G.I. Joe characters brought out of the closet

Many thirtysomething men are anxiously awaiting today’s release of GI JOE: THE RISE OF COBRA. We grew up in the 80s, obsessed with the action figures, and the film offers another chance to feel young again. While GI JOE is a macho Hollywood film, the toys themselves were always a bit homo. Think about it. Action figures?…

Green meets gay: Seattle's OUT for Sustainability

Article: Green meets gay: Seattle's OUT for Sustainability

From Queer Eye for the Straight Guy to Bruno, the portrayal of gay men and other members of the LGBT community in popular culture almost always include a healthy dose of materialism/consumerism. Seattle’s OUT for Sustainability doesn’t necessarily exist to challenge those stereotypes, but its mission of “[bringing] the LGBT community together with social and environmental sustainability” could have that effect.

The other penguin

Article: The other penguin

Gay penguins everywhere must be upset over the news out of San Francisco this week. Harry and Pepper, once a happily coupled gay duo, have split up according to zoo officials. And no, the reason does not seem to be another man. Another woman has gotten between the love birds.

A Dilettante's Dispatch:  Paris Couture

Article: A Dilettante's Dispatch: Paris Couture

A Dilettante’s Dispatch is a series of posts from a jet-setting friend of ours, Arturo. Watch for more in the coming days.

Just got in to Paris for my first couture, eating a croque monsieur on Charlot, admiring the cute scrawny French boys (though really wanting the fresh, curly haired and slightly brawny youth covering the street in tar).

Gay Icons: portraits selected by Elton John, Billie Jean King, Alan Hollinghurst and more

Article: Gay Icons: portraits selected by Elton John, Billie Jean King, Alan Hollinghurst and more

Last week in London the National Portrait Gallery launched the exhibit “Gay Icons,” a collection of portraits selected by a diverse group of gay who’s who: Elton John, Billie Jean King, and Alan Hollinghurst among them. Their selections are broad, including “include artists Francis Bacon and David Hockney; writers Daphne du Maurier and Quentin Crisp;…

Premiering Bruno

Article: Premiering Bruno

Sacha Baron Cohen, the mastermind behind Borat, this week unleashes the limp-wristed Bruno on theatregoers everywhere. While some gays are upset at the portrayal of the super-effeminate character, I feel just the opposite. Cohen’s act is obviously done with love, much like a drag queen’s lampooning of a woman. It’s an homage, not a mockery. Bruno has…


Article: Scanwiches

This weekend is Gay Pride in NYC and many a gay have been on that water and Tic-Tac diet for sometime in preparation. Not so, apparently, among my circle of friends. My boyfriend, who if he did not work out religiously would easily become a bear, just sent me this link to Time Out New York’s article on NYC’s best looking sandwiches.

Ugly porno

Article: Ugly porno

Michael Lucas, the flamboyant Russian-American porn mogul, will soon be heading mainstream with a walk-on role on ABC’s hit Ugly Betty. Not cast in the traditional sense, and no, I do not mean on the director’s couch either, Lucas simply bought his way onto the show.

The hanky code

Article: The hanky code

Just doing my bit around here to prepare you for all the upcoming Gay Pride events throughout the month of June. And there’s no better way to prep for such an event than to really learn the hanky code.