Gay Pride

Celebrating Third World Gay Pride realness

Article: Celebrating Third World Gay Pride realness

What do a communist Southeast Asian Third World country and a landlocked republic with a history of corruption in Africa have in common? Gay Pride, naturally.

New York City's gayest and proudest (photos)

Article: New York City's gayest and proudest (photos)

The Bois and Gurls over at Heritage of Pride felt it appropriate to use the theme “Spread the Love” for New York City’s 43rd annual Gay Pride parade. It was the first parade for New Yorkers since same-sex marriage became legal, which charged the air like it was the summer of love. For the singles in the crowd, it was nothing short of a miracle the way organizers and participants made monogamy look sexy. Check out our full report and more pretty pictures than you can shake a stick at:

Top five places to maybe/maybe not catch Gay Pride

Article: Top five places to maybe/maybe not catch Gay Pride

One of the biggest drags (pun intended) a Gay American experiences at their local pride parade is location. Where can one best experience the event? The sidewalks of New York City, San Francisco, and Miami are jam-packed with funky queers in heels, and biker babes in their best Springsteen t-shirts. Trying to find a choice spot to celebrate what civil liberties you’ve fought for is a real “First World problem.” But, as daunting as it is in some of the bigger cities in the country, it’s a far cry from some of the smaller communities here and around the planet. Still if you’re feeling all sorts of radical and into reviving the Gay Liberation Front, consider some of these locations to fight for your pride, or to just avoid till other brave souls have pioneered a safe path for you.

Same-sex couples selling things to America: From Ikea to JCPenney

Article: Same-sex couples selling things to America: From Ikea to JCPenney

The real problem with One Million Moms is not that there are one million of them. There aren’t. It’s that they make passing the thirty-year threshold in life look like the end of… life. Their latest hate boycott is against JCPenney, first for picking up Ellen Degeneres (hi Ellen, who hates you?) and now for their decision to cater to America’s most notorious disposable income bracket this Father’s Day, gay men—or rather, gay fathers. Penney’s ad depicting two nerdish men raising children is so sweet you’d have to be smoking bath salts to find a problem with it. We’re not here to draw conjecture (save that for OMM), though we do love when marketers get hip to contemporary life. So here are some other notable campaigns that cater to gay consumers, the children that love them, and the granny panties that inadvertently get bunched. We assume One Million Moms wear granny panties. And that’s an OK statement ’cause it’s more empirical than conjecture.

Come on, Vogue

Article: Come on, Vogue

ME AT NINE, PERFORMING TO MADONNA IN SUMMER ’91! from Robert Jeffrey on Vimeo. I don’t know who Robert Jeffrey is, but God I need to! He’s uploaded this amazingly gay video on Vimeo of himself, age nine, proving Gaga’s not the only formidable challenger to Madge’s gay icon status. This made my day! Week!…

Pride in 2010

Article: Pride in 2010

This weekend is Gay Pride in NYC and I am getting the hell out of dodge. Just kidding! I will be back in town for Sunday’s parade and Pier Dance to get my gay on. The boys over at the blog this is fyf asked some bloggers, artists, and queers a simple question: “In 2010,…

Gay Pride:  things we Love Love

Article: Gay Pride: things we Love Love

To celebrate Gay Pride all month this June, we’ve assembled a great collection of films, documentaries and series that celebrate the diversity that makes our world a better place.  We call it LOVE LOVE – and we hope you have as much fun celebrating love in all its forms, shapes and colors as we do.…

Gay Pride: Lizzy the Lezzy

Article: Gay Pride: Lizzy the Lezzy

As SUNfiltered’s gay voice I have to tell you how pleased I am that LIZZY THE LEZZY can now be seen on Sundance Channel. Yes, Sundance Channel is celebrating Gay Pride this June by rolling out a series of animated shorts about a sex-craved lesbian. She’s dirty. And crass. No wonder I’m a fan! How…

Absolutly no label

Article: Absolutly no label

Absolut has never been a stranger to courting gay dollars. The Swedish vodka maker featured Keith Haring in ads in 1981 long before marketing teams saw dollar signs at Gay Pride rallies. I don’t care for the stuff (strictly a Ketle One drinker here), but I have always admired their ad campaigns and attitude. Very,…

The hanky code

Article: The hanky code

Just doing my bit around here to prepare you for all the upcoming Gay Pride events throughout the month of June. And there’s no better way to prep for such an event than to really learn the hanky code.

Gay animal kingdom

Article: Gay animal kingdom

While the issue of same sex relationships ruffles the feathers of various tribes among the supposedly higher brain functioning bipedal primate sub species of homo sapiens, this is barely a controversy in the rest of the animal kingdom who seem to all shrug their collective shoulders or fins or wings at gay and lesbian lifestyles. Scienceray lists ten animals comfortable with same sex partnerships.

Naked news — the super gay extravaganza edition! (06-09-09)

Article: Naked news — the super gay extravaganza edition! (06-09-09)

In honor of 1) June being LGBT Month (officially proclaimed by President Obama) and 2) Bradford Shellhammer joining our li’l SUNfiltered gang, we’ve compiled a fabulous round-up of recent gay-related news: