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Hay! It’s a Sundance Film Festival LGBTQ round up!

Article: Hay! It’s a Sundance Film Festival LGBTQ round up!

It’s that time of the year, kids, where Hollywood and its satellite equivalents convene on a small piece of American paradise—Park City, Utah—to peacock around in the latest pieces of après-ski fashion. And also to discuss cinema or film, or whatever’s currant, before they leave. This year’s selections are looking especially intense, with a hot list of LGBTQ films and shorts in the mix. For the past thirty-four years the Sundance Film Festival has been one of the most inviting opportunities for Queer cinema. Check out some of the highlights from this year’s schedule, and place bets as to which one you think will be the next PARIAH.

Halloween: The Gay Party Guide

Article: Halloween: The Gay Party Guide

Ke$HA + Sultry Cowboy = Party Perfection. (Photo by Angela Weiss/Getty Images)
The question that my girlfriends and I always have around Halloween is where to go? This is everything, honey. This is the most important decision. Where you go can make or break the night. You need to make the right decisions.

You have two basic choices: a) find the sickest, most off-the-hook party or b) throw your own. Both are great ideas that can pay off big-time. But both have the possibility of, you know, totally blowing. I’ve broken up with fag hags because of their awful parties, so be warned.

Hooking up on Halloween

Article: Hooking up on Halloween

Now-that’s-what-I’m-talking-about. (Photo by Angela Weiss/Getty Images)
In my previous entry around here I introduced myself and gave you, the professional fag hag, some pointers about Halloween. I am at it again. This time I want to talk about something even more important than your Halloween costume. It is what we all want on Halloween, whether we’re willing to admit it or not.

Halloween is all about Hooking Up, natch.

And what better night than Halloween to let that inner ho come out and see the light of day. We know you’re nasty, so stop acting all prissy. Strip off that twin-set, Muffy. We’ve got men to go after.

Costume Dos and Don'ts

Article: Costume Dos and Don'ts

These costumes are perrrrfect. (Photo by Angela Weiss/Getty Images)
Hi. I am Bradford. I am the big homosexual around Sundance Channel. Yes, Sundance hired me to be gay. I write the Homoculture column on the SUNfiltered blog and I am the cofounder of fabulis, a social network of 100K gay men and growing. They made the right decision in hiring me. I don’t think there is anyone gayer in this world. Except for maybe Boy George, Johnny Weir, and Liberace. But Liberace’s dead, so I’m claiming spot Number #3.

Well enough about me (oh yeah, I bet your best gay friend says that all the time too, and guess what, we don’t really mean it). But I do want to talk to you. The fruit fly! The fag hag! The girl at the club dancing in the corner with the sweaty sea of shirtless men. You, honey. We have something to discuss.

A national holiday is before us. Gay Christmas! The one day of the year it is totally acceptable to go to work dressed as Shakira. Or Bea Arthur. Or a fetish cop. Yes, Halloween, Miss Thing!

I know Halloween. And though I look super young (moisturize! moisturize! moisturize!) I have actually seen my fair share of Halloweens. Which is why I come to you, lady, with this list of Halloween Dos & Don’ts from GIRLS WHO LIKE BOYS WHO LIKE BOYS:

Gay “Bears” Continue Their Jamboree

Article: Gay “Bears” Continue Their Jamboree

One of the best things about being gay is that if you find yourself getting all fat and hairy, you can just call yourself a “bear” and become part of a highly desirable subculture of the subculture. It’s actually a step up from being just an average gay!

And if you haven’t gotten fat but still want to be a bear, that’s OK too. The term “bear” doesn’t necessarily connote someone with extra poundage, as long as the pounds you’ve got aren’t shaved, and as long as you carry whatever figure you have with the requisite “masculine” demeanor—or at least the appearance of such as you swagger, slug down a beer, chomp on a cigar, and defy anyone to call you names (except “bear”).