Are gay and closeted stars just as bankable as straights?

Article: Are gay and closeted stars just as bankable as straights?

This weekend, Oliver Stone’s gritty new SAVAGES took to screens across the country, with the embattled John Travolta as one of the main headliners. Travolta has had his fair share of controversy of late, with more than one male “masseur” (the term should probably be applied with only light pressure) claiming sexual misconduct against the actor, as well as a cruise-ship worker just two weeks ago. Along with his fellow mega-moviestar Scientologist buddy Tom Cruise, Travolta has long battled a rumor mill that seems hellbent on outing him as gay. While the verity of those claims remains hotly contested, the real question is: Does it make a friggin’ difference anymore?

What Frank Ocean coming out means for urban artists

Article: What Frank Ocean coming out means for urban artists

When up-and-coming R&B star Frank Ocean released an open letter to his first love via his Tumblr, some people wondered whether this was a joke à la Lil’ B. For decades we have wondered what the world would look like the day an urban music artist came out of the closet. And with last week’s revelation, the picture seemed pretty uninspired: Currently America is broke, stuck in a couple of wars, our politicians couldn’t be more polarized, and Tom Cruise is going through his third divorce.

Anderson sure got a lot of use out of that glass closet!

Article: Anderson sure got a lot of use out of that glass closet!

Sorry, Middle America, if Anderson Cooper’s email addressing his homosexuality on the Tom Cruise aside, when we think of celebrity gay men and women that choose to keep their private lives under wraps, it’s a tough call to make as to whether or not their silence is really a matter of protection or a craven fear of being thrown into the gay ghetto. For many the gloset has been a terrific utility, working for people as diverse as Queen Latifah to Kevin Spacey. But for the jaded, and to be blunt, brave people living proudly, and by default politically, as Gay Americans it’s hard not to pass judgment on some people’s decision to be silent.

Anderson Cooper: Yep, he's gay

Article: Anderson Cooper: Yep, he's gay

“The fact is, I’m gay, always have been, always will be, and I couldn’t be any more happy, comfortable with myself, and proud.” With those words, CNN journalist Anderson Cooper came out in an email published in his friend Andrew Sullivan’s column on The Daily Beast.

It has long been speculated that the popular news anchor and reporter is gay, but Cooper has fastidiously remained silent regarding his sexual orientation.

Top 10 who's who in gay America

Article: Top 10 who's who in gay America

Gay culture has been having its time under the klieg lights in Washington, and all around the country, with plenty of accomplishments to be proud of. From homosexuals being allowed to serve openly in the military, to the advancement of marriage rights in some states (losses in others), to President Obama sharing his new and improved, we mean evolved, view on the matter.

That's my boy! Anderson takes on America's latest child star/homophobe

Article: That's my boy! Anderson takes on America's latest child star/homophobe

What would we do without CNN’s favorite Gay-Straight (gay?) alliance member—no, not Don Lemon—Anderson Cooper? AC360 had a segment about some pretty classy parents and their church encouraging their theatrically inclined child to sing a homespun song that wished homosexuals to hell. You’ve probably seen the video by now, a child singing in a manner that can only be described as Shirley Temple-esque, about Romans 1 and 27, and using the word homo. The congregation of Apostolic Truth Tabernacle in Indiana cheered the future X Factor contestant on, and demanded a repeat performance. You can hear what presumably is the father’s voice yelling, “That’s my boy.” It’s just a class act all around on a Sunday morning in Indiana.

President Obama comes out in support of gay marriage

Article: President Obama comes out in support of gay marriage

Oh hey, what’s up? Here is your President, Barack Obama, explaining that his position on same-sex marriage has finally finished evolving.

Emphasizing the First Syllable in Dictator

Article: Emphasizing the First Syllable in Dictator

In a twisted way, it’s nice to know that America isn’t the only country filled with delusional bigots who find it necessary to pick on a minority group as a means of reaffirming their position in society. The President of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, declared it was “better to be a dictator than gay.” In terms of comebacks, this schoolyard defense is known as the “straight flush.” But he’s not the only president, or presidential hopeful, to toss the G word around as a blanket response to political critique. Check out some of the more memorable quotes in the recent past from more familiar names.

Gay hip hop is here to stay: Syd tha Kid digs in

Article: Gay hip hop is here to stay: Syd tha Kid digs in

Last week, Odd Future affiliate, DJ, producer, singer, and overall badass Syd tha Kyd decided to do what young urban punks do in an interview, she flew off the handle giving her unedited opinions on the state of culture. And that’s a polite way to say Syd is frustrated at the lack of gay role models in urban music. She went as far as to question the legitimacy of Alicia Keys’ marriage, along with Queen Latifah and Missy Elliot’s sexuality. “You know she loves her some bitches,” is an exact quote.

2012 New Year's resolutions for a best girl friend

Article: 2012 New Year's resolutions for a best girl friend

Happy 2012, everybody! It’s the year the world might end, but as old “Lady Spears” might sing, until the world ends we’ve got to keep on dancing! However, in my case, dancing means trying to lose the ten pounds I gained after freebasing an entire turkey into my mouth on Thanksgiving. Or maybe trying to stop drinking because my body is starting to look like a leather shoe after the abundance of cocktails I’ve been slinging at it. However, forget about me. As a gay man’s best friend, there are a couple of NYE resolutions I’ve got to have to keep our relationship alive and flourishing, like a plant that is a gay best friend. Here are my top five:

Looking for that out NBA player

Article: Looking for that out NBA player

It’s a strange world we live in when TMZ Live is a source for discussions of social progress and political sound bites. I refer to the news, I mean entertainment source, when I want to verify rumors like the untimely demise of Jon Bon Jovi (false!). But when its daily show had Mark Cuban on,…

Top 10 gay commandments for girl friends

Article: Top 10 gay commandments for girl friends

If you have a gay best friend, consider yourself lucky–they’re the best of the best. However, you should know that there are certain rules that come with such a friendship, certain rules that make or break even the best of friendships. Learn them here, now: Top 10 Gay Commandments for Girl Friends.

Our favorite, courageously gay viral videos

Article: Our favorite, courageously gay viral videos

It’s been a pretty good week for those of us obsessed with watching courageous kids kick ass on the internet. Nineteen-year-old Zach Wahls made a case for his two moms and reminded us all why Iowa rocks. Who doesn’t love a great speech for a great cause by a very smart young man? Meanwhile, over in California, 14-year-old Jonah Mowry lit up the internet with his vow to stand his ground in light of incessant bullying. Since we can’t just watch these videos over and over again (our neighbors have started to complain), we decided to take a trip down memory lane and list some of our other favorite gay videos. Do you remember them?

Ladies — Is your best friend turning you into a gay man?

Article: Ladies — Is your best friend turning you into a gay man?

The best parts of having a stylish gay man by your side are trusting his opinion to help create an outfit and taking his advice on handling new relationships. However, sexuality aside, your friend is still male and, by nature, has a different perspective on situations. So we’re sure blindly following his strong opinion can sometimes leave you wondering, is he turning me into gay man? Keep your head up for a couple tell tale signs and gauge whether or not your platonic paramour’s pointers have you teetering on the edge of an inadvertant sex change or not.

Top 10 Gay stereotypes that just need to stop

Article: Top 10 Gay stereotypes that just need to stop

We see them television, we see them in movies, we see them in small-minded people who saw Will and Grace twice and have a sudden understanding of the gay community as a whole. Here are stereotypes we’re sick of seeing.

Top ten Hollywood dream couples

Article: Top ten Hollywood dream couples

Okay, most of the people in this article are not couples, let alone gay. A girl, however, can dream and fantasize because the imagination is a wonderful thing where everybody is gay and nothing hurts. I’m no matchmaker, but I personally think these couples would be absolutely fabulous together, and perhaps just putting it out there to the cosmos will get a few of these fellas moving on up to the other side. I’m kidding. I’m the best matchmaker–me and Paul Rudd are perfect for each other!

Top 10 Tips for the Straight Girl at the Gay Club

Article: Top 10 Tips for the Straight Girl at the Gay Club

Jared and Tenisha at the GWLBWLB premiere party in Nashville.

If you’re a girl like me, you’ve taken a Saturday night off from sitting in your sweatpants or going to the dive bar next door to talk to some ‘starving artist’ that will never call you. Instead, you pregame heavily with your Mr. Right Gay and take a 20 dollar cab to his favorite gay club, where you watch him flirt with a sea of mostly shirtless men to dance remixes of Robyn. Believe me, it’s not a sacrifice. However, if you’re a newbie to the whole ‘straight lady in a gay pond’ thing, you might need a couple of tips on how to maximize your night of fun.

Check out these Top 10 pointers for the Gay Clubbin’ Straight Girl.

Decriminalizing gay: Belize with a 'Z', like Liza

Article: Decriminalizing gay: Belize with a 'Z', like Liza

Before today, the only way Belize was ever topical was when I was discussing chic places to escape winter with my nouveau riche fashion friends. Inevitably the eco-resort off its coast where the petit bourgeois, and Tiger Woods, go to getaway from the drama, came up. But now it seems the former British colony is going to be the test case for progressive politics on a global level as its court prepares to hear an argument to decriminalize homosexuality. Belize is poised to be the Tunisia of a Gay Spring. As if there weren’t a cruising scene in that jungle already.

Will Country Music come out of the closet?

Article: Will Country Music come out of the closet?

A few years ago, Willie Nelson released an iTunes single called “Cowboys are Frequently Secretly Fond of Each Other.” As a novelty tune prompted by the popularity of BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN, it hardly represented a serious attempt to introduce gay subject matter into country music. But, in its own jocular way, it did break through a verboten barrier for the genre and cause some folks in Nashville to look around at each other and think: Just how many music-industry “cowboys” are we talking about here? And just how necessary is the secrecy?

Buckle Up, Bible Belt! Welcome To The Gay South

Article: Buckle Up, Bible Belt! Welcome To The Gay South

Thought you knew everything there was to know about the South? Well, it’s not all cotillion parties and gratuitous displays of your Second Amendment rights, though both are pretty fabulous in their own right. The Nashville cast of GIRLS WHO LIKE BOYS WHO LIKE BOYS is about to show us a kinder, gentler (OK, sometimes bitchier) side to living out and proud in the South.

Gay self-hating re-examined in new film

Article: Gay self-hating re-examined in new film

Mart Crowley’s landmark play The Boys in the Band was first produced in 1968, a year before the Stonewall rebellion changed the face of modern gay movement with defiance and pride.

In its bitchy and witty portrayal of a group of friends sharing dangerous New York party games that often verge on the sadistic and self-loathing, it represents a darker moment in gay identity—one the LGBT community has long wanted to turn its back on in shame.

But enough time has passed that people are more willing to embrace the play (and the 1970 film version, directed by Wiliam Friedkin) as an important step forward in gay representation and catharsis.

In fact, Boys has engendered so much new lovin’ that it’s the subject of a documentary, Crayton Robey‘s Making The Boys, coming out this month in an attempt to put the work in its proper historical place.

As one of the talking heads in the film—along with Crowley, Edward Albee, Tony Kushner, and many more—I’m qualified to make several defenses of the original play.

Still Faithful

Article: Still Faithful

I really have my sister Angie to blame for my homosexuality. Maybe not entirely. But I am sure she had a hand in it. Because the year was 1987 and she was a George Michael die-hard. She made me, and our entire house, dance to Michael’s album Faith. Looking back through time it’s obvious that Michael and I were nelly, nelly queens in 1987. But that was a different time. And a different place. And the world’s most famous homosexual was actually a straight sex symbol.

Born This Way

Article: Born This Way

Born This Way may be the name of Lady Gaga’s upcoming album, but it is also the name of my absolute favorite new blog. Collecting the images of gay people’s childhood, the site, in a humorous way, shows that many gay people have been gay, gay, gay, gay for, um, basically forever. According to the…

Marvel Swimsuit Special

Article: Marvel Swimsuit Special

The folks over at have an amazing visual slideshow of the Marvel Swimsuit issues, which were published in the early 90s. They’re like Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Issue. But with comic book heroes.

They’re also the gayest things I’ve ever seen. From
The Marvel Swimsuit Specials were a unique breed of Nineties comic double-you-tee-effery. They took sober, serious superheroes and made them flaunt their décolletage and banana hammocks (more so than usual). Here’s the ripest cheesecake we could find.

Beefcake Blog

Article: Beefcake Blog

Michael Denison’s blog Male Models Vintage Beefcake is really fun to get lost in. The blog is “dedicated to photographs of our favorite vintage beefcake photographers and models” and Denison does not dissapoint. Their is plenty of penis there too, so be careful as you click from work. What I find most remarkable about the…