Insights into life in solitary and one man’s first taste of freedom

Article: Insights into life in solitary and one man’s first taste of freedom

“I feel like I am developing some kind of skitsophrinia behaviors,” reads one letter. “I hear voices echoing as I try to fall asleep.” That’s how one New York prisoner describes his lengthy experience directly from solitary confinement. The New York Times took a look at some of the letters to the New York Civil Liberties Union from more than 100 prisoners who spend 23 hours a day in elevator-sized cells. The correspondance is part of the NYCLU’s efforts to change the laws around solitary confinement. New York is one of the few states that has not wavered from extensive use of solitary in its prisons.

Gawker vs. Gaga

Article: Gawker vs. Gaga

Gawker’s Brian Moylan rips Lady Gaga’s new column for V Magazine to shreds. In a post entitled “Lady Gaga’s First Magazine Column Is as Annoying as You Expected” Moylan lets us in on the fact that Gaga spells Marc Bolan’s name wrong and laughs at her lecture on art and fashion. Moylan’s not buying it:…

Pride in 2010

Article: Pride in 2010

This weekend is Gay Pride in NYC and I am getting the hell out of dodge. Just kidding! I will be back in town for Sunday’s parade and Pier Dance to get my gay on. The boys over at the blog this is fyf asked some bloggers, artists, and queers a simple question: “In 2010,…

Glee Vogues

Article: Glee Vogues

Gays across the country freaked out over two of the gayest pop culture icons, Madonna and Glee, coming together. Yes, Glee did Madonna. The folks over at Defamer ran this hilarious side-by-side of Glee’s Vogue and the original. Glee’s is spot-on. And Jane Lynch does Madge better than Madge has in recent years. A real…

Kristin Wiig comes to primetime

Article: Kristin Wiig comes to primetime

Kristin Wiig is Saturday Night Live’s strongest performer. She’s funny and awkward. She does impersonations effortlessly (see Bjork and Kathy Lee). And she takes skits that could be awful (Penelope, Target Lady) and makes them funny as all hell. Just check out her Bjork appearance above. There is something gay about Wiig too. She’s not…