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Five Tools for Tracking (and Lowering) Your Energy Use

Article: Five Tools for Tracking (and Lowering) Your Energy Use

Trying to keep the Carbon Cops at bay? Or, just want a lower electric bill? These five tools will help you identify the energy hogs in your life… and put them on a diet! ENERGY STAR@Home: This interactive web tool takes you on a tour of a typical American home, points out the energy guzzlers,…

Going Green Behind the Wheel

Article: Going Green Behind the Wheel

Whether you’re a daily commuter or a weekend wanderer, there are lots ways to green your car use, beyond taking the bus, hopping on your bike or simply not climbing behind the wheel as much. For the times when only four wheels, powered by internal combustion will do, here are TreeHugger’s favorite tips. 1) Going…

By the Numbers: Ethanol

Article: By the Numbers: Ethanol

The propagation and increased use of ethanol has been a very contentious subject in green circles here in the US; on the one hand, it’s a domestically-produced alternative to oil, but on the other hand, you need engine modifications to use a high concentration of it, burning it results in lower gas mileage, and using…