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Presidio School of Management

Article: Presidio School of Management

Environmental Science and its applications to solving the climate and energy crisis continues to be a field that draws upon virtually every other field of industry and commerce. The Presidio School of Management realizes that one must learn other disciplines in addition to environmental science in order for that person to pursue meaningful and rewarding…

Newspaper Photos Capture Hurricane Ike Losses, Heroism

Article: Newspaper Photos Capture Hurricane Ike Losses, Heroism

GALVESTON, Texas, November 11, 2008 (ENS) – The Galveston newspaper that did not miss an edition although Hurricane Ike blew its roof away, is compiling a coffee-table book telling the story of the storm and its effects through photos shot by staffers. The “Galveston County Daily News,” will publish the book as a full-color photographic…