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Green tech finds: the very unsexy edition

Article: Green tech finds: the very unsexy edition

What do scooters, bike helmets, and building retrofits have in common? None of them are particularly cool, but they’re all here in this week’s green tech finds.

Green tech finds, 9/1/11

Article: Green tech finds, 9/1/11

Lots of building tech this week, from shipping container “farms” to a net-zero rehab to a “living building” in Seattle.

Shipping containers as mini farms?: Is there anything you can’t do with used shipping containers? Atlanta-based PodPonics turns them into small hydroponic “farms” for growing food near the point of sale. (via Triplepundit)

Solar collector by day, light display by night: Move over, Jumbotron! Industrial designer Meidad Marzan‘s Urban Tiles concept combines solar panels and OLED panels that can be installed on the outside of buildings in an array, and which “flip” to shift from solar collector to advertising display, big screen television, or even a massive artistic canvas. (via Inhabitat)

Green for Dummies: Driving

Article: Green for Dummies: Driving

It may seem a little antithetical to talk about “being green” and “driving” in the same breath, and, while there are certainly greener ways of getting about, the reality remains that many of us are going to continue to drive our cars, despite any other earth-friendly behaviors and all the good intentions in the world.…

Algiers, Algeria Builds Solar Plant

Article: Algiers, Algeria Builds Solar Plant

The amount of potential energy from the sun is greater than the amount of electricity consumed by the entire planet over one year. While this is an encouraging statistic, technical and financial factors have made it a daunting task to create electricity from solar energy. However, with the climate at risk and growing public support…

Energy Efficiency Hits Brick Wall in Washington

Article: Energy Efficiency Hits Brick Wall in Washington

Energy efficiency and renewable energy strategies seem to take center stage quite often in Washington, yet nothing substantial ever seems to happen. Senate Democrats proposed a package of energy bills but were consistently opposed by most Senate Republicans. The first provision proposed to force electric utilities to generate 15% of their power from wind, solar,…

The Future of Solar Power in Our Lives

Article: The Future of Solar Power in Our Lives

One of the biggest words associated with solar power (and with many forms of alternative, clean energy, really) is “potential.” Potential to create a clean energy portfolio, potential to reduce our consumption and demand for fossil fuels, potential to change the way we live and power our lives…the list goes on. Some sobering numbers that…