Festival Updates Interview: Festival Programmers

Article: Festival Updates Interview: Festival Programmers

Host Faith Salie speaks to festival programmers John Cooper, Caroline Libresco, Trevor Groth, Shari Frilot, and David Courier in the Sundance Channel Studio for the 2009 Sundance Film Festival. Presented by Honda, The Power of Dreams.

Festival Update: New Frontiers

Article: Festival Update: New Frontiers

Senior festival programmer Shari Frilot speaks about new and emerging technologies that will bring storytelling to unprecedented levels.

Games People Play

Article: Games People Play

While the festival has been running a new media center for the last years, the newest incarnation, New Frontier on Main, moves initiative to integrate worlds of technology, art and cinema to a new level. For programmer Shari Frilot, “There are more artists in the gallery and museum world dealing with the moving image, and we wanted to create a space that that could speak both to a film audience and the art world.” New Frontier on Main houses three galleries, a D.J. installation lounge, and a 100 seat microcinema. “We wanted it to be fully immersive,” recounts Frilot. “So there is no overhead lighting. And we wanted the programming play like a festival in a festival.”