Friends forever on PUSH GIRLS

Article: Friends forever on PUSH GIRLS

What a wild ride it’s been this season on PUSH GIRLS, and who else is super excited about the season two renewal? We hope that you laughed, cried, learned and loved with us over the course of this season, and along the way, maybe some of your ideas about living with disability were broken down, too. What stands out about Auti, Angela, Tiphany, Mia and Chelsie isn’t their chairs: It’s their personalities and the strong bonds among them.

PUSH GIRLS: Pushing through the fear

Article: PUSH GIRLS: Pushing through the fear

This week’s Chelsie-centric episode was an intimate and revealing look into the difficult adjustment period that comes with newly acquired disability. Chelsie is lucky to have four fabulous mentors, but she struggles with the changes going on in her life and in her body, and it was really refreshing to get an honest look at that. She was performing in front of her family for the first time, which was understandably nerve-wracking, and things didn’t go quite according to plan, but she held her head up high and got back out on the dance floor, which is hard for any of us to do when we feel like we’ve failed.

PUSH GIRLS premieres tonight at 10P…are you ready?

Article: PUSH GIRLS premieres tonight at 10P…are you ready?

a lot of buzz because we’re finally getting a show about fierce women with disabilities that isn’t solely focused on the disability experience, but rather on women’s experiences. I’ve already seen the first episode and, trust me, it’s everything I’ve been hoping for and more, because PUSH GIRLS is ready to scare the horses when it comes to confronting women’s issues, talking about what it’s like to be a middle class woman in Los Angeles struggling with dating, employment, and fertility while navigating disability as well. In a media landscape where women’s lives rarely get a chance to enjoy center stage, it’s refreshing to see a show focusing on women and their relationships with each other and I’m jazzed for everyone who will be seeing the premiere tonight.