Top 10 Twisted Twin Stories

Article: Top 10 Twisted Twin Stories

Twins. We’re fascinated by them, and for good reason. Imagine – someone who looks just like you, acts just like you, has your same DNA and, in some cases, like Lena and Camille in THE RETURNED, even has the same sensations when you decide to get your groove on. It’s eerie. It’s odd… and it’s…

“THE RETURNED” Season 1: What’s your favorite episode?

Article: “THE RETURNED” Season 1: What’s your favorite episode?

Whether you watched THE RETURNED last winter or caught up more recently on Netflix, you probably still have strong feelings about the younger twin’s trustworthiness and the horde’s motivations. So which episode is your favorite? Is it the pilot, which singlehandedly reinvents the zombie genre? Or maybe the finale, when a horde of undead face off with the living? Vote in the poll below. Need a refresher? Read on.

Episode 1: Camille
Camille returns home four years after her death. Simon, deceased for ten years, seeks out his fiance Adele. Waitress Lucy is stabbed on her way home, and nurse Julie finds herself with a mysterious child who she names Victor.

Episode 2: Simon
Camille rejoins her family and tries to connect with her now-older twin Lena. Police link Lucy’s stabbing to a dormant serial killer. Bar owner Toni is a prime suspect but it’s actually his brother Serge, who’s returned seven years after Toni murdered him. Adele thinks resurrected Simon seeks is just a vision.

Sundance Channel acquires zombie sensation THE RETURNED

Article: Sundance Channel acquires zombie sensation THE RETURNED

Sundance Channel announced today that it has acquired US broadcast rights to the supernatural drama THE RETURNED from Music Box Films. The eight-part French series distributed by Zodiak Rights was created by Fabrice Gobert and is based on the feature film Les Revenants by Robin Campillo. It will premiere on Sundance Channel on Halloween, Thursday, October 31st at 9PM ET/PT. It will air every Thursday night at 9PM.

The critically received series was a smash hit for France’s Canal+ and the UK’s Channel 4. The New York Times recently profiled outstanding foreign drama series and pronounced it “fresh and unexpected.” The Independent wrote “THE RETURNED…is actually one of the greatest, creepiest, most compelling shows brought to…TV screens in 2013,” and The Daily Telegraph commented, “Probably the most stylish thing you’ll see on TV this year.”

In the year 2000

Article: In the year 2000

In 1910, a French artist Villemard painted 24 funny illustrations that forecasts what a 21st century Paris might look like.  In the year 2100, there will be people looking back at our predictions and laughing in the same way. [Via]

History of hip hop in four minute beat box

Article: History of hip hop in four minute beat box

This impressive four minute video of French beat boxer EKLIPS covering the “history” of hip hop’s classic hits in a single take is blazing through the web. Relatedly, check out this cute 19 year old Canadian Chinese girl Sophia KiddBeatz who posts beat box tutorial videos on YouTube which are pretty popular. [Hat tip: Pooja!]

Celebrate the Earth with HOME, a film by Yann Arthus-Bertrand

Article: Celebrate the Earth with HOME, a film by Yann Arthus-Bertrand

HOME is a travel notebook, showing landscapes captured from a bird’s eye view above. This film calls for a new awareness, inviting the viewer to stop for a moment in order to look at our planet and realize how we treat her treasures and her beauty.

Directed by internationally renowned French photographer Yann Arthus-Bertrand, produced by world famous director Luc Besson and narrated by five-time Academy Award® nominee Glenn Close, HOME aims to change the way people see the planet and their impact on it. Shot in high definition in 54 countries and 120 locations over 217 days, the unique and first-time ever all-aerial filming style highlights the Earth’s wonders as well as its wounds and provides a necessary perspective to approach the changing environment.

GARY, a short animated film

Article: GARY, a short animated film

An animated French short by by Clément Soulmagnon, Yann Benedi, Sébastien Eballard & Quentin Chaillet with a kind of wonderful and magical story. Gary from Gary on Vimeo.

Science is Fiction, the films of Jean Painlevé

Article: Science is Fiction, the films of Jean Painlevé

He may not have been the very first person to take a camera underwater, but Jean PainlevĂ© was definitely the first to bring the life aquatic to cinema. PainlevĂ© made over 200 short films in his lifetime, the first in 1927 (nearly 30 years before Jacques Cousteau’s SILENT WORLD) and last week Criterion released 27…