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Celebs coming out: A changing landscape

Article: Celebs coming out: A changing landscape

Celebrities have been coming out in droves lately, in most cases either quietly or posthumously. (You don’t even have to be alive anymore to become out of the closet!)

As someone who’s always fought for truth in celebrity reporting and honesty on the part of big-name subjects, I’m thrilled at the avalanche of people saying they’re gay and it’s OK. It’s helped create an atmosphere where homosexuality and bisexuality aren’t dirty secrets anymore; they’re perfectly reportable aspects of public figures’ biographies. In a world where celebs talk at length about their private lives — and the media scrutinizes them even more — it always seemed absurd to leave that one glaring aspect out of the picture, as if that’s where the privacy line should be drawn for taste’s sake.

Your SUNfiltered summer mixtape

Article: Your SUNfiltered summer mixtape

With summer off and running and temperatures through the roof, it’s time we round out all the blockbuster activity and over-hyped, industry-funded forms of entertainment with what the season is really built for: semi-inappropriate decisions made with old and “new” friends during long weekends on the shore — all set to hip music. It’s as close to a consequence-free environment as any post-college adult trying to make art out of their life can get. So re-up your catalog with these music suggestions that will keep your days and nights hotter than the weather.

What Frank Ocean coming out means for urban artists

Article: What Frank Ocean coming out means for urban artists

When up-and-coming R&B star Frank Ocean released an open letter to his first love via his Tumblr, some people wondered whether this was a joke à la Lil’ B. For decades we have wondered what the world would look like the day an urban music artist came out of the closet. And with last week’s revelation, the picture seemed pretty uninspired: Currently America is broke, stuck in a couple of wars, our politicians couldn’t be more polarized, and Tom Cruise is going through his third divorce.

Naked News: Sex research explains pretty much everything

Article: Naked News: Sex research explains pretty much everything

We have a love-hate relationship with sex research — on the one hand, we think it’s incredibly important to study how and why we do (or don’t do) what we do when the lights go out. But on the other hand — well, a lot of this research can be a little on the flimsy side. This week, sex research highlights teen sexting, work-life balance and how to fake love.