We've got Bill Murray's candid Cannes photos

Article: We've got Bill Murray's candid Cannes photos

Whether he’s chauffeuring you home in a golf cart or sneaking up behind you in public, Bill Murray commands your attention. His mere presence at the 65th Festival de Cannes is no different. He is certainly the most important member of director Wes Anderson’s party posse. They’re debuting their latest collaboration, MOONRISE KINGDOM, and while the critical consensus has been golden, a Bill Murray out in the wild will always steal the show! Take a look:

Woody Allen's Paris Adventure

Article: Woody Allen's Paris Adventure

MIDNIGHT IN PARIS, Woody Allen’s latest film starring Owen Wilson, Rachel McAdams, and Marion Cotillard, opened in the U.S. on Friday May 20th. The film, a romantic comedy set in Paris, is Allen’s forty-first feature film and his sixth film shot in Europe since 2005.

In MIDNIGHT IN PARIS, Gil (played by Owen Wilson) is on vacation in Paris with his fiancée Inez (Rachel McAdams) and her parents. From the outset, their polar opposite views on Paris are apparent: Gil, a successful Hollywood screenwriter, has a romantic view of the city while Inez, more comfortable with her California lifestyle, sees it as just another place in the world. After dinner with Inez’s overbearing friends Paul (Michael Sheen) and Carol (Nina Arianda), Gil calls it a night as they hit a club. Lost and a little drunk, Gil finds himself on a quiet street as the bells strike midnight. When a car pulls up filled with English speaking revelers, Gil is pulled into their party and circumstances that he never could have imagined.

This is Allen’s second film in Paris, the first “Everyone Says I Love You,” included Paris in only a portion of the film, but MIDNIGHT IN PARIS is Allen’s cinematic love note to the city.

From the film’s press kit, “Of course I’m partial to New York because I was born there and grew up there,” he says, “but if I didn’t live in New York, Paris is the place I would live.” This feeling echoes the sentiments of the film’s main character, Gil, who looks back with regret on an opportunity he had to move to Paris twenty years earlier but didn’t take. Allen himself had a similar opportunity during the filming of WHAT’S NEW PUSSYCAT in the 60’s. “It was an adventure that was too bold for me at the time. In retrospect I could have stayed, or at the very minimum taken an apartment and divided my time – but I didn’t and I regret that.”

Allen sat down with reporters to discuss MIDNIGHT IN PARIS at a press conference for the film on May 17th in New York.

Robert Redford Receives "Legion d'Honneur" from France's President Sarkozy

Article: Robert Redford Receives "Legion d'Honneur" from France's President Sarkozy

Robert Redford (R) with President Sarkozy (L). (Photo by FRANCOIS MORI/AFP/Getty Images) OCTOBER 14, 2010-(Paris, France)- Robert Redford received one of France’s most highly esteemed recognitions today in Paris, the emblem of the “LĂ©gion d’Honneur” established by Napoleon Bonaparte in 1802.   Redford was acknowledged for his work as actor and director, his decades long involvement…

Sarah Bernhardt: Hot Again

Article: Sarah Bernhardt: Hot Again

French performer and arguably the first international star Sarah Bernhardt (1844-1923) is the subject of the newly released “Sarah : The Life of Sarah Bernhardt,” written by Robert Gottlieb and published by Yale University Press.  Hopefully this book will lead to renewed interest in her life.  Although she’s been dead for almost 90 years, some…

The new Pompidou: big hit or big flop?

Article: The new Pompidou: big hit or big flop?

Image courtesy Jean de Gastines Architects
The new branch of the Centre Pompidou that opened earlier this month in Metz has little in common with its Parisian counterpart aside from the name and the art collection, of course. In terms of appearance, however, it owes nothing to Renzo Piano and Richard Roger’s famous ‘exposed’ exterior that generated quite a bit of debate before it was deemed genius. I’m not sure if I can predict the same fate for the Metz structure, designed by Shigeru Ban, Jean de Gastines and Philip Gumuchdjian.

France finally shocked by something: anti-smoking ad

Article: France finally shocked by something: anti-smoking ad

The slogan for the above anti-smoking ad currently running in France reads “Smoking means being a slave to tobacco.” Despite promoting a universally recognized good cause — getting kids to stop smoking — the ad has managed to piss off pretty much everyone. And this is in France, where the words “sex” and “scandal” (or, rather, their French equivalents) rarely appear in newspaper headlines together.