Watch this space: Our online festival coverage is about to blow your mind

Article: Watch this space: Our online festival coverage is about to blow your mind

Fans who can’t attend this year’s festivities can enjoy exclusive festival coverage online at which will include Acura’s Festival VIP interview video series featuring exclusive talent, photos by acclaimed NYC photographer Dmitri Gudkov, and full festival coverage of by movie writer Matt Singer.

Facebook is watching you

Article: Facebook is watching you

Comparable to Foursquare and Gowalla, Facebook’s latest feature Places let’s you check into a location and alerts you if any of your Facebook friends as well as any other Facebook users have checked into the same place, upping the creep factor and creating the potential for more awkward social situations than ever. Say you check into a bar. No one you know is around, but Places tells you that Melissa, a 32-year-old Art History major who watches “True Blood” and is a fan of Obama and a member of the group “I love chips and salsa” is within a 10-foot radius. Now you have an in. Once you casually stalk her out you can pepper the conversation with your take on last week’s episode or that article you read in Newsweek about Freud, right before you ask her if she feels like splitting some chips and salsa.

Merit badges for nerds and TV watchers

Article: Merit badges for nerds and TV watchers

Tech nerds and fashion folks can bridge the rather great divide between the two groups if Nerd Merit Badges have their way. The company makes proper badges (think military, leather men, police, girl scouts) for the geeks obsessed with mobile device app Foursquare. Foursquare allows you to check in via mobile phone anywhere: restaurants, clubs, PATH Train stations. The more you check in, the more badges you earn. You can also become the mayor of any given place. That, too, has a badge.