The ZEROprize

Article: The ZEROprize

The recently “greened” Bank of America Tower, New York’s second tallest building and a possible contender for the ZEROprize?

Zerofootprint, the Canadian company whose goal is to massively reduce our environmental footprint, is currently hosting two competitions to promote carbon management. You may know Zerofootprint through VELO, its web-based software for large companies to measure and monitor their carbon emissions. The first competition is the “Re-Skinning Award,” which will be given to the most sustainable restoration project, judged on these criteria: energy efficiency, economic efficiency, aesthetic value of the design, the transferability of the concept to other projects, the use of ‘intelligent’ building systems and the social effects of the restoration. Submissions are due January 10th and the winner will be announced at the World Urban Forum in Brazil in March 2010.

Downsize It: The Allure of a Simplified Life

Article: Downsize It: The Allure of a Simplified Life

Now that we’ve established that downsizing your footprint isn’t indicative of poverty (or even a lack of style), it’s easier to see some of the benefits from going smaller and doing more with less. And there are lots: not just environmental (though we’re most concerned with those), but very concrete benefits, like more money in…

The Future is Green: Find It Here!

Article: The Future is Green: Find It Here!

Welcome to the TreeHugger blog on the brand-new Sundance Channel website, and thanks for reading! If you’re unfamiliar with TreeHugger, we’re dedicated to helping everyone pursue a modern, green lifestyle. What does that mean? We offer news, products, ideas and tips to help reduce your footprint on the planet without sacrificing good looks, quality design…