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Vegan soul food truck opens in Miami

Article: Vegan soul food truck opens in Miami

Vegan soul food may sound like a bit of an oxymoron: traditionally, even vegetables are cooked with meat (or at least fat), and macaroni and cheese, a staple, obviously has a major dairy component. Francesca Lacuesta and Mark Jennings of Miami are among the many foodies out there who decided “tradition be damned,” and developed a menu’s worth of meat and dairy-free soul food classics. Last Friday, the two served those items from Mac’n, their new food truck in Miami.

Golden age of pop ups

Article: Golden age of pop ups

The latest issue of New York Magazine highlighted the recent trend of “pop up” shops and mobile food trucks, suggesting that we may be entering “some kind of a pop-up golden age.” For those unfamiliar, designers and retailers, big and small, have lately opened shops in temporary locations for a limited time. The food truck…