The History of Title Design

Article: The History of Title Design

A Brief History of Title Design from Ian Albinson on Vimeo.

Ian Albinson’s A Brief History of Title Design was created for the SXSW “Excellence in Title Design” competition screening. In it the title designs of television shows and movies are woven into a study of font and style. For font and movie nerds alike, it’s a fun film to watch. So many are instantly recognizable. My fave: DR. NO.

Included are:

Flaky typeface

Article: Flaky typeface

Norwegian designer Veronica Falsen Hiis constructed a n’ice typeface out of snow back in December 2008. It’s very apropos for this particularly snowy winter we’ve been having in the tri-state area this year. [Via]

Barbed wire typeface

Article: Barbed wire typeface

Fellow SUNfilterer Perrin Drumm’s recent write up about the MoMA’s acquisition of some typefaces reminded me to post about artist Andrew Effendy’s piece “The Devil’s Rope/Type.” Shaped to look like “sinister” barbed wire, the artist “makes you mull over the role of language and how—especially, in today’s world of information overload—language has the power to…

Books as fonts and more!

Article: Books as fonts and more!

As a bibliophile and typeface-ophile, I’m quite fond or, excuse the pun, “font” of photographer and self-described storyteller Paul Octavious’s “Book Collection” in which the artist has been creating whimsical fonts and other creations using just artfully piled stacks of books. What a creative way of making order from disorder.

Deadly font

Article: Deadly font

Designer Jelte van Abbema was a winner at the Dutch Design Awards and the accompanying €10,000 Rado Prize in part due to his piece “Symbiosis,” a font created with e.coli bacteria. One could say this could be a nasty computer virus! Van Abbema created the font by stamping bacteria into paper, and then placing the…

Font-clone wars

Article: Font-clone wars

This one’s for the typography nerds: In a follow-up to last year’s excellent short “Font Conference,” the loopy gang at College Humor gives us “Font Fight!,” a violence-filled showdown between two typeface gangs–one led by Helvetica, the other by Helvetica’s “shameless impostor,” Arial. The ending features a surprise cameo by perhaps the most evil font…

Favorite Typefaces of 2008

Article: Favorite Typefaces of 2008

You may take them for granted, but a quality typeface is almost like a functional work of art – and yes, they’re still generally craftted by hand. I suppose April isn’t too late to discuss last year, so without further ado: Typographica lists their favorite typefaces of 2008. Sensationalism aside, it’s significant that the ever-increasing…