How to pick up a shoe: Vintage photos of 'correct' postures for household chores

Article: How to pick up a shoe: Vintage photos of 'correct' postures for household chores

From the Internet time capsule (or rather from Cornell University Library’s digital collection of images on photo series from the 1920s of a former Cornell alumnus Ruth Kellogg “demonstrating correct postures for various forms of housework.” I guess these photos could be viewed as early ergonomic manuals of sorts. These were published in

Erik Kessels' 24 hours of Flickr

Article: Erik Kessels' 24 hours of Flickr

As part of its 10th anniversary celebration Foam, a photography museum in Amsterdam, is hosting “What’s Next? The Future of the Photography Museum” an exhibition that investigates the direction of the physicality of photography in public spaces (as opposed to viewing it online). I’m especially impressed with Erik Kessels’ contribution to the exhibit, which tackles the idea of “photography in abundance,” and which (as you can see pictured above) might give a neat freak a heart attack. For his installation, Kessels printed out every single image posted on Flickr in a 24-hour period and then randomly distributed the million+ images throughout the museum space for a completely visually arresting experience (except for the person who has to clean all this up)…

Mind-blowing Tetris gameplay

Article: Mind-blowing Tetris gameplay

I used to think I was pretty good at Tetris, but this gameplay video of grandmaster Jin8 playing an arcade version of this classic game let me know that I’m just a mere mortal with a pea-brain sized capacity for this game.

What's on the back of a website?

Article: What's on the back of a website?

For your today’s procrastination, check out Back of a Webpage: an independent project from the creative minds of Jeff Lam and Josephine Yatar, it’s an amusing and clever look some popular websites such as Facebook, Google, and Flickr (above). Lets get one for SUNfiltered up there! [Via]

Tetris everywhere

Article: Tetris everywhere

From the online photo collection “Tetris Tetris Everywhere” The official Flickr blog highlighted this cool photo gallery “Tetris Tetris Everywhere” curated by user L Plate big cheese of photographs of accidental instances of Tetris-like pieces and juxtapositions found in the real world. While I was a student at Brown University, a group of classmates in…

Signed, sealed, and delivered

Article: Signed, sealed, and delivered

From the White House official Flickr photostream is President Obama’s official signature on the historic health insurance reform bill signed yesterday, March 23, 2010. If you’re wondering why the signature looks a little strange, it’s because in ceremonial White House tradition on momentous legislation, President Obama used 20 different pens to sign this bill.

Looking into the past

Article: Looking into the past

“Looking into the Past” is a Flickr pool where photographers can share images where they juxtapose a contemporary scene with a photograph of that same place from the past aka “the olden days.” Photo by Jason Powell. [Via]

Map of US built from geo-tags

Article: Map of US built from geo-tags

Click on image to enlarge. A research paper (pdf) out of Cornell University, written by David Crandall, Lars Backstrom, Daniel Huttenlocher and Jon Kleinberg, created the above map of the US by using geotagged photos uploaded by Flickr users. As their abstract explains: Our approach combines content analysis based on text tags and image data…

Life as an Open Story

Article: Life as an Open Story

This is a weekly column written by Annie Howell and Lisa Robinson, two filmmakers and film professors who are wondering where modern storytelling is heading. I’ve been thinking about the number of people who are streaming their lives as open stories over the web. All these personal narratives are unfolding by short sentences or photos…

President Obama, furniture mover

Article: President Obama, furniture mover

There are lots of great images in the just-posted Flickr set by White House photographer Pete Souza, but this is my favorite: In preparation for a meeting about the economic recovery plan, President Obama and Vermont governor Jim Douglas shift a couch in the Oval Office. The set is filled with lots of casual, revealing…

Enjoying Nature Requires Saving It

Article: Enjoying Nature Requires Saving It

Why should a person want to save nature and preserve the delicate balance of life? Of the many reasons, the primary one would be a desire for a healthy planet. Another could be the improved health that results from living in a cleaner, less toxic environment. Toxins from air, water and soil pollution can impede…