World flag

Article: World flag

This watermark-looking flag is in fact “an average of all the world’s countries’ flags weighted by population.” We can perhaps welcome our future alien overlords by waving it as a kind of a representative world flag. I’d actually love to see flags blended based on other factors like GDP. Anyway, in contrast this flag is…

Redesigning the gay flag

Article: Redesigning the gay flag

Rainbow colors were displayed everywhere in New York City (even Mother Nature got in on the celebration) this weekend, which culminated in the annual gay pride march down Fifth Avenue. Worldstudio presents some alternatives for a redesign of “the ubiquitous symbol of gay pride: the rainbow flag.” I think they’re a bit “meh,” but I…

A time to rage and resist

Article: A time to rage and resist

Yesterday I wrote about the meaning of the rainbow flag to the gay community and its origins. So it seems rather appropriate that today I stumbled upon this fantastic video of Gilbert Baker, the creator of the rainbow pride flag.