A school for freerunning

Article: A school for freerunning

Tempest Freerunning Academy from The Cool Hunter on Vimeo. When you sit all day at your computer, it’s easy to forget what your body is capable of — the movement, the strength, the agility, the fitness. Which is what helps make this video from the Tempest Freerunning Academy so inspiring. It’s a showcase of California’s…

Equinox wants you to pump up the jams

Article: Equinox wants you to pump up the jams

When you pay $180 a month to work out a gym you expect more than just some clean towels and a working sauna. Thankfully, Equinox knows this and is doing some pretty interesting things to keep their patrons pumped up and energized. This Fall Equinox has partnered with an eclectic mix of musical artists-Dave Navarro, Michael Buble,…