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If a Claire Denis film falls in a forest …

Article: If a Claire Denis film falls in a forest …

I had a very bizarre film viewing experience the other day. Reading no review, seeing no ad, having no sense of it other than the title, I plopped myself down in a local theatre for the Claire Denis film, 35 SHOTS OF RUM. “I’m a huge Claire Denis fan,” I thought. (NENETTE AND BONI, I CAN’T SLEEP, TROUBLE EVERY DAY amongst my favorites.) Why research?

It’s an interesting experiment, to see a film absolutely cold. And, to make things even more pure, here in Appalachian Ohio on a Saturday night at 8:45, I was the only one in the theatre. Was this film even happening? If I had not have found my way to the theatre, would they still have shown the movie? Would it still have been … what we understand to be … a film?

The Poster Showdown

Article: The Poster Showdown

While Park City has passed strict laws governing film marketing that doesn’t mean problems don’t still occur. For example, while it is illegal to hand out flyers or post cards on Main Street, people can ask you for your card. Scott Foundas [] at the LA Weekly reported on a recent poster war that has erupted on main street. Elsewhere all about a town someone has been posting another sign promoting local town spirit, and, well, denigrating Sundance. I guess, it’s a love/hate relationship.