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TV-to-movie dream teams

Article: TV-to-movie dream teams

This weekend, take a break from the “much anticipated” superhero trailers and try to catch THE BEST EXOTIC MARIGOLD HOTEL, a movie about a bunch of retirees moving to a hotel in India. Doesn’t sound too exciting? FALSE – Maggie Smith is in it, who is the baddest b*tch on the block. EXTRA FALSE–Penelope Wilton is also in it, which means we get to see our favorite ladies on Downton Abbey pair up in something where they’ll probably wear turquoise instead of boring period piece outfits. This got us thinking about how we’d like to see some of our favorite TV stars pair up in other movies, too. Here are the best we could come up with:

1. Jon Hamm and John Slattery star in: A Heist Movie

Why haven't movies been made from these TV shows yet?

Article: Why haven't movies been made from these TV shows yet?

When Hollywood is angling to drum up some easy box office returns, they invariably raid an old TV series for a remake that they can pull off with higher production values and bigger stars, if not always larger amounts of vigor and imagination.

Most recently, 21 Jump Street joined the legacy of TV-to-movie epics like Mission: Impossible, The A Team, Charlie’s Angels, The Mod Squad, The Flintstones, and a whole bunch more, the results ranging from sheer escapist fun filled with misty memories of shows that helped shape our characters to sheer torture that should have stayed in the tube, where it died a gruesome death long ago.