Biodiesel Fuel Made from Algae?

Article: Biodiesel Fuel Made from Algae?

Diversified Energy Corporation (DEC) [www.diversified-energy.com] is licensing a patent pending, breakthrough algae production system from XL Renewables (XLR). The process is called Simgae (TM), and it makes algae inside a series of airtight tubes. The technology is comparable to agricultural processes in the cost and usage of component parts. The process requires a few easily…

The Future of Ethanol

Article: The Future of Ethanol

We haven’t been entirely kind to ethanol and the agro-political machine that supports it here in the United States this week, but it’s not all bad, or at least doesn’t have to be. While it’s quite clear that using corn may not be the best idea, for a number of reasons — suspect energy balance,…

By the Numbers: Ethanol

Article: By the Numbers: Ethanol

The propagation and increased use of ethanol has been a very contentious subject in green circles here in the US; on the one hand, it’s a domestically-produced alternative to oil, but on the other hand, you need engine modifications to use a high concentration of it, burning it results in lower gas mileage, and using…