Federico Fellini

Fellini rides a low rider bike

Article: Fellini rides a low rider bike

“Rides a Bike” is one of my favorite single serve Tumblr sites that updates with vintage photographs of stars and celebrities of days of yore on bicycles, such as director Federico Fellini rocking a low rider bike. Add this site to your RSS or bookmarks for your weekly bit of whimsy. I can’t wait for…

Fellini's AMARCORD released by Criterion

Article: Fellini's AMARCORD released by Criterion

You might think a film as classic as Federico Fellini’s AMARCORD (1973) would have found its rightful place amongst the Criterion Collection long ago, but in fact it’s the newest member of the Criterion family, available in Blu-Ray for the first time just two weeks ago. Set in a fictitious provincial town in 1930s Italy, AMARCORD is loosely based on Fellini’s own childhood memories of small town life in Rimini, complete with its many characters and “circus of social rituals, adolescent desires, male fantasies and political subterfuge.”