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Spring Adorned

Article: Spring Adorned

Spring is here in full force. The tulips are out, leaves are budding, and people are wearing very little clothing while exercising outdoors. And where that’s all well and good, it’s really a time to celebrate your bad habits, accessory wise. There are enough services and write-ups to cater to women that can afford couture, chauffeurs, and tennis instructors. But for those of you out there that like to show some skin, while being smart about it—instead of just cheap— or prefer their independent style, here are a few options to accent your looks, in that DIY (Do It while Young) way. Bon primtemps!

Festival Updates Spotlight: Fashion with Charlotte Mickie

Article: Festival Updates Spotlight: Fashion with Charlotte Mickie

Faith Salie talks with internation sales agent Charlotte Mickie about the fashion dos and don’ts during the 2009 Sundance Film Festival. Presented by Honda, The Power of Dreams.