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Technology fixes for classic fairy tales

Article: Technology fixes for classic fairy tales

While Em was reading her daughter a bedtime story the other night, it occurred to her — because she has read the same stories hundreds of times and thus it is possible to think about potential posts for this blog while reading — that a swift exchange of contact info would have been a much easier way for the Prince to stay in touch with Cinderella. And if the Prince and Cinderella forgot to exchange digits before midnight, then a few minutes of Internet stalking — Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, et. al. — would have fixed that. It’s perhaps not quite as romantic as visiting every woman in the land with a discarded shoe, but it’s a lot more convenient. Also, less gross. (Hello, athlete’s foot. Google that, Prince Charming.)

Photographer Ellen Kooi at PPOW Gallery

Article: Photographer Ellen Kooi at PPOW Gallery

The work of Dutch photographer Ellen Kooi is as dramatic as it is mysterious. Like her previous work, Kooi’s latest set of photographs, “Out of Sight,” is set in a variety of natural landscapes in the Netherlands. These images are over-saturated and hyperreal, often highlighting the struggle between man and nature. A small group of people pick their way across bleak terrain or a solitary figure fights with or acquiesces to the mysterious forces of nature. She favors highly stylized scenes with a single child or adolescent, always in a desolate landscape – a forest, a swamp, a prairie.

Fallen Princesses

Article: Fallen Princesses

It seems that childhood is a spring of inspiration for many recently. Right on the heels of our post regarding Hoffine’s horror series about childhood fears, we’d like to invite you to check out Dina Goldstein’s series entitled Fallen Princesses, depicting fairy tale characters in modern day scenarios. Goldstein isn’t the first to destroy the idyllic scenarios of fairy tales as propagated by the likes of Disney. Stephen Sondheim’s INTO THE WOODS addresses the consequences that traditional fairy tales conveniently ignore and covers multiple themes: growing up, parents and children, accepting responsibility, morality, and, finally, wish fulfillment and its consequences.


Article: EP 04 – ENTRY 05: THE GODS OF TV

While the students have remained loyal to their labor of love despite the violence, a prospective homebuyer who fell head over heels for the second URBANbuild house now has misgivings. Discrepancies are emerging between those who can afford the URBANbuild homes, those who can appreciate their architectural design, and those who are willing to live…