Got stuff? Give it away on Saturday…

Article: Got stuff? Give it away on Saturday…

Why Saturday? Because May 15 is now Give Away Your Stuff Day.

The brain child of New Yorker Mike Marone, the event is based on a simple premise:
Many of us own valuable stuff we just don’t want anymore. But instead of giving it away or selling it, we allow it to clutter our households and businesses. Billions of great items are just wasting away, taking up space.

Wouldn’t it be cool if we could magically shift ownership of this stuff, in one weekend, coast to coast, with zero effort, little time, and at no cost?

The Sexiest New Party in New York

Article: The Sexiest New Party in New York

Photo by Brian Christopher Cummings

BonBon is by far the sexiest new club event in town and there’s no sex at all at it. I didn’t even see any light frottage!

But there’s pure sex appeal in the air at the Tuesday night bash (at the supper club Juliet) because of the distinct absence of boredom from the guest list in favor of possibility, opportunity, and very high fashion. The every-night-is-Halloween crowd finds their way there, all dolled up to the nine-inch heels and ready to party till gay marriage is approved—or at least till 3 a.m. Factor in all the corsets, bodices, and facial masks in the room, and you’ll realize that these fractured fairy tale creatures can’t get it on because it would hurt too much—but no one’s ever looked hotter while indulging in such (temporary) chastity.

Organic Hip Hop Conference hits Miami this weekend

Article: Organic Hip Hop Conference hits Miami this weekend

Quick: think of a hip hop song that addresses urban farming or vegetarianism. You might have a tough time… doesn’t most of the music associated with this style revolve around glorifying gangstas? Not according to the organizers of this weekend’s sixth annual Organic Hip-Hop conference: “Just as Hip Hop as a culture was birthed in activism with the goal of saving lives, we seek to continue in that tradition by providing an alternative lifestyle that will garner better physical as well mental and spiritual health.”