Evan Roth

Animated mash-up GIF "music" video

Article: Animated mash-up GIF "music" video

Ani Up – Animated Gif Mashup from Evan Roth on Vimeo. Evan Roth created this bizarre, but brilliant video mashing up a few items from the “low brow” pop-culture menu. He incorporates the popularity of animated GIFs typically used as avatars on message boards with a robotic 8-bit re-voicing of MOP’s song “Ante Up.” The…

Parisian graffiti taxonomy

Article: Parisian graffiti taxonomy

In “Graffiti Taxonomy,” Evan Roth ambitiously photographed and documented over 2,400 graffiti tags from each of Paris’s 20 districts, then archived and categorized them by letter. The artist tackled a smaller scale version as a Parsons graduate student in New York City where he “created character studies of the letter ‘S’ from the Lower East Side and the letter ‘A’ from Harlem, followed by an NYC-based letter ‘E’ study in 2008.”