Keeping it pretty: Art you can afford edition

Article: Keeping it pretty: Art you can afford edition

If you’re part of the one percent that can afford a piece of art by Andy Warhol, please stop reading this. You just don’t need any more tips. But for those of you who, like me, currently only covet a Robert Longo, or Kiki Smith, here’s a piece of advice. Forget about them! Value is in the eye of the beholder, and with the advent of independent e-commerce sites springing up we’re seeing an almost endless supply of new work by young artists that draw from contemporary culture. Giving us insight into how we’re ingesting the present world.

Alternate Histories by Matthew Buccholz

Article: Alternate Histories by Matthew Buccholz

My high school history class wouldn’t have been nearly so dull had Pittsburgh artist Matthew Buchholz been teaching it. After all, few but Buchholz can recall the tale of Rosie, the East River sea monster who claimed the life of New York architect Rohn Roebling in the making of the Brooklyn Bridge; or the grossly misunderstood story of the Boston Tea Party, when citizens, exhausted from daily harassment by a great, scaly dragon known as “Beast,” determined that the bitterness of the tea leaves would drive the great creature from their harbors. Fortunately, these lost legends and more are on display in Buccholz’ Etsy shop, Alternate Histories, where he peddles old-timey engravings of historical sites and scenes “improved” by the rampaging monsters, evil serpents and grizzly ghouls plaguing his imagination.

Victorian erotica embroidery, vulva jackets & vajewelry

Article: Victorian erotica embroidery, vulva jackets & vajewelry

Etsy is the best-y. If not for finding stellar handmade goods and art, then at least for a reliable good laugh. In fact, we probably spend more time on Regretsy, the fail blog of Etsy that highlights all the handmade horrors and craft disasters that people with no shame or taste are trying to pawn…

.357 Magnum hair dryer

Article: .357 Magnum hair dryer

I’m “blown away” by this working vintage novelty hair dryer modeled on a 357 Magnum pistol that is available for sale on Etsy. I don’t suggest you try to carry this on the plane with you. [Hat tip: Annie]

Crochet beanie beard

Article: Crochet beanie beard

The downside to my boyish good looks (Right? Right? Hello?) is an inability to grow a sweet beard. Here’s one solution for guys like me: an ingenius crochcet beard plus beanie combo by Etsy user taraduff. This is not creepy at all, right? Right? Hello?

Paper cutout of NYC

Article: Paper cutout of NYC

An impressive meticulously detailed large map measuring 6 feet x 8 feet of New York City cut out of paper by hand. It’s separated into four panels each representing the main boroughs (Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens), except for the Rodney Dangerfield of the boroughs: sorry, Staten Island. Along with a Paris version, this unique…