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Bros before hoes, wives before guys

Article: Bros before hoes, wives before guys

So this year’s Esquire’s sex issue was a pretty fun round up. Based on a third party polling company, we’ve learned that the majority of heterosexual men polled prefer to have their women on top during sex (cowgirl), and only two percent enjoy sex standing up. Thank god no one told Michael Fassbinder that in SHAME, the hotel scene would have been a lot less interesting. But what seems to be gathering the most attention, both welcomed and uncomfortable, is that nineteen percent of married men polled have had sex with another man. Out of that group, twelve percent have been repeat offenders. That’s about one out of five married men, dudes, bros, in the country. For some of us (the gays), this isn’t much of a surprise, albeit not discussed outside of our circle. Still, why is this taboo?

Real Madmen Make Even Reagan Look Good

Article: Real Madmen Make Even Reagan Look Good

ART & COPY is a slick documentary about the genuis ad men and women who created such iconic campaigns as “Got Milk?”, “Think Different” (Apple), and Nike’s “Just Do It.” “Sundance gets a lot of grief about getting too commercial and selling out,” director Doug Pray said in introducing the film. “I just want to warn you guys–there’s ads in my movie.”