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Sundance Film Festival watch: BLACK POWER MIXTAPE

Article: Sundance Film Festival watch: BLACK POWER MIXTAPE

Among the intriguing films in the World Cinema Documentary Competition at the Sundance Film Festival in January is Goran Hugo Olsson’s powerful-looking THE BLACK POWER MIXTAPE 1967-1975. The film combines audio interviews with contemporary figures with 16mm archival footage documenting the Black Power movement in America, shot by Swedish journalists between 1967 and 1975 and…

Saul Williams

Article: Saul Williams

Saul Williams [] is a hybrid. A poet. A rapstar. A rockstar. Maybe the best way to describe Williams is renaissance man, or you could simply say hes an artist. Williams started out as an open-mic poet, so it goes without saying that he comes from a distinctly different background from a typical MC, and…