Ernest Hemingway

Peek into your favorite author's bedroom

Article: Peek into your favorite author's bedroom

Apartment Therapy put together this neat photo gallery of the bedrooms of 15 noted authors from Ernest Hemingway to Victor Hugo, whose room is particularly striking with its dark red embossed walls and decor. Pictured above is the rather austere space of Emily Dickinson, reflecting her reclusive lifestyle, and the tiny table where she wrote her poems. There’s a quiet beauty to it, but best expressed via this meme, I can’t help but ask:

Roald Dahl and Ernest Hemingway hanging out

Article: Roald Dahl and Ernest Hemingway hanging out

The previously mentioned blog Awesome People Hanging Out Together, which highlights unlikely notables and the famous photographed with each other, recently posted this picture snapped in 1944 of a uniformed Roald Dahl and Ernest Hemingway walking the streets of London. With a little Internet sleuthing, the back story behind this photograph is fascinating: At the start of the second World War and prior to the bombing in Pearl Harbor, in their effort to recruit the US and the influential members of society into supporting and joining the war, the British government sent spies to the US. Roald Dahl was sent to the States in this campaign. Under the guise of being a RAF British pilot, Dahl worked glamorous DC parties: